Love Is a Beautiful Thing…

Blessings all and I truly mean blessings,

Do you really know how many people truly love you? Think about it for a moment? We know Jesus loves us, but what about the people He has placed in your life. I am not talking about a wishy washy love I am talking about a real love a godly love, a love that goes deep with roots, a love that no one can shake, regardless of what happens the person loves you from the depths of their soul.

This morning I can say that about all of you who read and respond to the inspirations, I thank you for loving me inspite of my short comings, I love you for seeing the Jesus in me, I love you for your support and dedication. I love you all because you are lovable.  If no one has told you that they loved you, know that I sincerely do.

I sit with tears streaming down my face, because God has sent you all to be in my life for a reason (not a season because seasons change), so I say that you all are my friends of purpose. Thank you all for your duracell battery love (built to last).

I am so grateful to God that he used Mr. James Edward Ford to speak life into my life. Many times we doubt ourselves and we put limits on what God can do for us. I have much faith for others, but sometimes when it comes to me, I sometimes shut down. I really have to encourage myself in the Lord.  I

t has been hard for me since the sudden and unexpected demise of James Edward Ford, but I press on, I can hear him say to me now, SmoochieZ are you alright, whatcha doing? Are you doing what God told you to do? Yes Mr. Ford I am, I sometimes struggle but I am being obedient. James Edward Ford truly loved me and I love him, he thought I could do anything. I laugh now because one day we wanted some fried fish and he said come on lets go get some and I said Mr. Ford I can’t drive and he looked and me and said what? When did you stop driving? I told him I never started and he said don’t worry about it bring me the keys and I’ll take us, now it was my time to say what? I told him that would be like the blind leading the blind and there was no way I was getting in a car with him behind the wheel, we both burst out laughing, I miss those days, the laughter, the silliness and the love we shared. I miss watching Creflo Dollar with him (I have yet to watch Creflo) I miss him riding in the truck with Chuck and telling me to take my behind in the house he’ll be back, I miss drinking orange sodas with him, taking walks and getting into everybody’s business in the neighborhood. the jokes, the singing and ready our daily word,the unusual things he would say and thought nothing of it, I remember once we stopped to talked to a neighbor and he looked up at the woman and said “You know you likna been cute!!  I was so embarrassed and so was she, we both kind of played it off, but when we walked off I gave that joker the riot act, then he said to me was I wrong?  I looked at him and said no you weren’t wrong she did look a hot buttered mess (help me Lord). When I think of Mr. Ford, I begin to sing the song Memories, memories like the corners of my mind, misty water colored memories of the way we were, scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind….. Gosh I miss this guy, see this dude right here he was a whole different kind of dude (in my Tamar Braxton voice).

Family think about the people who truly love you unconditionally and draw from that, don’t focus on the people who don’t like you its their lost.

I’m going to leave you with a song, Chuck, me and James Ford use to sing in three parts. A Dontcha know thats the sound of the man (Robin) working on the chain (Chuck)…………GANG!!(James Ford singing his part 3 minutes later). Wow I miss me some him. Thank you for loving me Mr. Ford and speaking into my life… Mmmwwwaaaahhhh!!! Love is a beautiful thing!!

God drew us with loving kindness!!

You’ve been blessed by an Morning Glory Inspiration

Forever His Servant,


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