In God we Trust

Blessings all,

The dollar bill says in God we trust.  Many of us truly trust in the mighty dollar, but do we trust in the ALMIGHTY!!  I have been trusting God for many things this year, and I am checking off my prayer list the things that have come to fruition. Trusting God use to be a hard thing for me because I would give up and try to help God out, now how many of you know we can’t help God out?  Trusting God doesn’t come easy for most of us.

Matthew 14:22-33, Peter saw Jesus walking on the water and he said , Lord if it’s You, command me to come ,  so Jesus told Peter to come,  Peter was walking but then he begin to look at his surroundings, he heard the wind and saw the waves and Peter begin to sink, see Peter had the faith to ask to walk on the water but he didn’t have the trust to keep walking towards Jesus (whew now that will preach). You must keep your eyes on the prize if yu want to become victorious. See Peter didn’t think about what would actually happen to him when he asked Jesus to tell him to come, don’t we sometimes do what Peter did?  I have often said now Lord if that’s You prove it, give me some kind of sign!   You must not doubt God at anytime if He says you can fly then spread your arms out and fly, take Him literally at His word. Stop looking at your surroundings, your problems and your circumstances because when you do fear over takes you. Peter forgot who he was with, He was with Jesus the creator of all things, the wind was not more powerful than Jesus, Jesus told the wind to be still and the wind obeyed.

When we try to fight our battles it never works out, when we try to bring people into our churches by using worldly things, we’re not totally trusting in God, when we date someone that’s unequally yoked it doesn’t work, when we gossip or lie we suffer. God told us to be holy and do not touch the unclean thing.  So our walk on the water should not come from fear or compromising, but upon totally trusting in God.

I wonder why none of the other disciples asked to walk on the water?  Mmm, what do you think?  Would you have stayed in the boat?  Would you have been like Peter?  When Peter begin to sink he had sense  enough  to call on Jesus and Jesus caught him!


Robin A. Curry


4 thoughts on “In God we Trust

  1. Thank you for reminding us to TOTALLY trust GOD….. I think no I know we let our flesh get in the way & when we do, we miss up… Another awesome word….

  2. What a powerful message!! Most of us attempt to bargain with God, Lord if you do this then i will do that. This is not how God works! He will do things on his time and not the beat to anyone’s drum. We as Christians must completely trust in God or the relationship will become strained. I enjoyed this lesson

    P.S: You seem to have a true understanding of the word of God and you are following your calling as a teacher, never i repeat never get sidetracked with whats going on in your life and not do the things God has called you to do! Keep the faith, you are due to reap your rewards in due time.

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