You talk too much homeboy/homegirl you never shut up!

Blessings all,

Do you know someone who just talks and never shut up?  Someone who just says anything out of their mouths, having no concern of whom they harm. Do you know someone whom you just want to put a muzzle over their mouths? You can’t get a word in edge wise because of their mouths, and the sad part about it is that they aren’t saying anything, just talking foolish, they can’t hear anything that you say!  You can be talking about Joe and they are talking about Moe. What kind of malarkey is this?  Proverbs 23:9, Do not waste your breath on fools,  for they will despise the wisest advice.

Do you remember the group Run DMC,  they had a  hit song  “You talk too much homeboy you never shut up!!  Hey you over there, I know your kind. You’re like the Independent Network News on Channel 9. Everywhere that you go, no matter where you are at, I said you talk about this and you talk about that. When the cat took your tongue, I say you took it right back, Your mouth is so big, one bite will kill a Big Mac. I said you talk too much homeboy you never shut up, I said you talk too much homeboy you never shut up!!  Run DMC was talking about a friend of theirs who ran his mouth 25/8 (twenty-five hours and 8 days a week), we know that it’s ony 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week, but they were making a point that their friend always had something to say and he never listened.  People we can miss God for talking too much…

Now let’s go to the Word of God 1 Samuel 3: everyone is familiar with Samuel hearing a voice call his name and going  to  Eli each time he heard the voice,  the 3rd time that Samuel came to Eli he realized that God was calling Samuel. In these days the Word of God was rare and so were visions, God had stopped talking to the people because when He said something they didn’t listen, Eli was one of these people, so God had to speak to a child in order to be heard.  So the last time God called Samuel, Samuel answered and said Here I am Lord, speak for your servant is listening.  I thought about Samuel getting up out of bed four times to answer the voice calling him, he didn’t get upset or disrespectful when Eli told him that he hadn’t called and for him to go back to bed. Each time Samuel heard the voice calling him, he answered.  How many of us would have been that respectful and obedient?  Not many.  Samuel didn’t  know the Lord yet, he had never heard the voice of God. 

How could God talk to Eli when he couldn’t get his own sons to obey him?  Eli the priest had been rejected and passed over by GOD for not listening. Isn’t it funny how Samuel listened to Eli and was raised in the same household as Eli’s sons and wasn’t contaminated by their bad behavior?  Samuel kept answering  the voice that he heard because he respected authority.

People I can’t make you hear me,  neither can I make you listen, you must have a servant’s heart to do this, when you meditate daily on the Word of God, hearing the voice of God comes naturally to you (John 10:27) My sheep know My voice and a stranger they will not follow). How many times have you talked to your spouse or children and you know that they are not listening to you and you look at them and say what did I just say? And they will look at you and say you said such and such and you reply that’s not what I said, see you were not listening.  Doesn’t that just bug you?

Matthew 11:15 He that has an ear let him hear. People stop talking so much before you curse your house. Eli’s house was so out-of-order that God said He honors those who honors him and those who despise Him shall be lightly esteemed, God said He would cut off the arm in Eli’s house so that no old man would ever come out of Eli’s house. God was true to His word, Hophni and Phineas was killed and when Eli heard about their deaths he fell over and broke his neck and died.

If we listen we won’t miss God at any time.  Give God your undivided attention with out any distractions people, God wants us to listen because He has a mighty work for us to do, so can you SHUT UP LONG ENOUGH TO DO IT?

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry


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