Glory and honor to the oldest Heroic Veteran in History

Blessings all,

 Today is Veterans Day and I want to give thanks to all Veterans, special thanks to my husband (Chuck Curry), my father (the late Willie Houser Sr),  my brothers (Belch Houser & Willie Biggham) and my nephew (Sgt. Ronnie A. Bryant) for all serving in the United Armed Forces. You all have made a difference serving this country.

But my greatest thanks and appreciation goes out to “Jesus Almighty” the Warrior of all Warriors, Jesus is my Heroe. From the day that he was born, men sought to kill baby Jesus. Kings and Queens hated him.  Anytime men seek to kill you for making a difference then you know that you are chosen of God. 

 Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and President Barack Obama are good men & women, men sought to kill them for the good they wanted to do for the country. They were assassinated due to pure hatred,  President Obama’s has not and will not be assassinated I pray in the name of Jesus but his reputation, character  and decision-making has been assassinated due to hatred and the color of his skin. 

Jesus was sought after because of the greatness in Him, His peacefulness, His Leadership qualities, His followers, His kindness and the tremendous amount of love He has for everyone and sadly His ethnicity, many did not believe that He was the Messiah, Jesus is  the most hated man in History. Jesus suffered at the hands of many, He was betrayed, set up, lied on, followed, ridiculed, talked about, pierced, made to carry a large heavy cross, a crown of thorns was pressed into his head, he was nailed to the cross, and beaten unmercifully with cat o nine tails.  

Jesus being the true Heroic Veteran that He is, did not succumb to death by the hand of man, no man can ever say that they assassinated Jesus. Jesus gave up the ghost (he died on his own), Jesus had power over death, He was resurrected and today He lives as the oldest Heroic Veteran in History. Lets give HIM glory and honor for He alone is worthy to be praised.

Happy Veterans Day Jesus, I love YOU!!

Forever your Servant

Robin A. Curry


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