True repentance equals Salvation

Blessings all, 

As I sit here typing I get excited deep down in my soul about how God is blessing me right now Oh right now!!  I can’t see the blessings, but I can envision them, I can literally see God peeling back the roof of the Curry household and just dumping  blessings after blessing, wouldn’t that be grand?  What God has in store for us is an abundance and I receive it in Jesus name. 

I’ll take the material blessings, but the blessings I want to talk about is “SALVATION”, how many of us want our family members saved? I can answer that quickly me, me, me, me!  Lord I am praying and waiting. I am expecting the calls, the emails, the text and the testimonies of my loved ones saying  that they gave their life to the Lord and they’re not turning back, whew!  What a day of rejoicing that will be.  I am believing that God will hear my prayer of SALVATION in the name of Jesus.

Last night we received a cry (so we thought) from a family member concerning  some family issues and as my husband and I talked about the situation, which is terrible. We prayed and asked God for the family member to see their errors and change. The person wanted to justify their wrong, especially their disobedience for authority, they wanted to blame someone else for what they were doing. Chuck and I was having no parts of it, we gave them scripture, we didn’t compromise told them that it was them that was wrong we didn’t talk about them behind their back we told them the unadulterated truth and didn’t give them a pillow of cushion to fall on, we gave it to them raw. We called them on their sin and told them that their end would be destruction if they didn’t repent and go to the person and apologize. 

Family we can’t compromise with people when they are in error, we knew and saw this situation coming to past months ago, as we heard and witnessed their wanton disrespect for authority.  Souls are at stake and we must let people know that it’s heaven or hell.  How can we witness to people and give them the truth about SALVATION if we are watering down the gospel?  John the Baptist preached repentance, he said that the kingdom of God was at hand (Matthew 3:2).

We are to preach and teach repentance and for people to  be saved!!  As I gave the word of God to our family member they didn’t want to hear scripture which is the truth, they were looking for someone to agree with them and their wrong.  This reminded me of Jesus coming off of His forty days and night fast, satan was there with foolishness,  he misquoted and misconstrued the word of God, see satan can’t live the word or quote it (Matthew 4:1-11).

We must call sin out if we want SALVATION for our family members and friends, they may not like it now, but when they come into the full knowledge of God they will remember what you told them and appreciate you not compromising!

Life is not about the people who are true to your face, it’s about people who remain true to you behind your back!!

Salvation is eternal

Forever His ServantRobin A. Curry(SmoochieZ)


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