What happens when you don’t fit in anymore!

Blessings all,

I heard someone say , you can’t stand out if you’re always trying to fit in. Don’t get caught up in a spider web, don’t get caught up in cliques or the inner circle. What happens when God has called you out?  What happens when your fizzle has fizzled?

What happens when  you don’t fit in anymore?

Now that God has called you out, and you try to hang around those people it’s just not right anymore, you try and make small talk but that’s not right either. God has called you out to hang with HIM, God is the best friend ever, He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

God wants you uncomfortable in the presence of your old cliques and inner circles, because He has something better for you, if you actually think about it those inner circle friends probably weren’t that nice to you, they probably talked about you, lied on you or even set you up for a fall, they probably compared their looks against yours, their husbands jobs and how much smarter their children are , the colleges they attended and soroities they pledged,  they talk about where you reside and what church you attend, what car you drive or the way you dress, your family background and even your job seems menial to them. Their talk cuts like a knife, you are in so much pain and you ask God what did I do? Why are they treating me like this?

Don’t think it strange when you don’t fit in anymore, many times something drastic will happen and God has pulled you out just in the nick of time.

Allow me to share with you what happened to Chuck and I when we didn’t fit in anymore, we lived in a very small apartment  across town,  we would have crab boils (low country boils) and bbq’s almost every weekend, I would do my friends hair at no charge, keep their children, Chuck would  buy the latest video movies, we would pay for the pay preview boxing matches, we’d have good music, great entertainment and we were great host and hostesses, we would even take them out of town with us to our in laws, see we fit in.  But as soon as God moved us to a town home, our so called friends came over viewed the new place and as quickly as they came they stopped coming, these friends started talking about us.  At first it hurt to the core that theynhad quit coming around and was talking about us and lying on us. So I talked to my godmother about this and she told me it’s about time they left you all alone, I was like what are you saying? What do you know that we don’t?  She said , those people only wanted to be your friends as long as you were living in a little hole in the wall and footing the bill for food and doing free things for them and being their all day suckers and lolly pops, but when they thought you  had come up in the world they became envious and jealous and it wasn’t them that left you, God removed them and moved you!

That was a hard pill for me to swallow but it was so true. When we would see our old friends it was uneasy to talk to them, I was very uncomfortable around them and angry but after awhile it was like they were never apart of our lives after awhile we could speak to them and there was no longer an ache. We had forgiven them and I personally thanked God for severing the ties.

Family God wants us to stand out in uniqueness in HIM,  I praise God because we were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), we are  a royal priesthood a chosen generation a royal priesthood, a holy nation , a people belonging to GOD, that you may declare the praises of HIM, who called you out of darkness into HIS wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9).

God had ministry in store for Chuck and I and with the friends that we so dearly loved and adored, we would probably be in prison, drug addicts, liars, whore mongers,divorced, alcoholics or whatever.

So don’t think it strange when you don’t fit in anymore.  God is calling you to great things. If God hadn’t intervened in our situation where would we be?

God I give you praise because we didn’t fit in anymore!!

Forever His servant

Robin A. Curry


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