Blessings all,

Since friday, Orlando, Florida has been flooded with people of all ages and colors, it was the weekend of the Florida Classic, Bethune Cookman College vs FAMU college,they have come to play football as they have since 1925. Past games have been played in Daytona, Tallahassee and Tampa, finally settling in Orlando for the past 13 to 14 years, there was so much cheer in the air, people had come together for good food, fellowship, bragging rights, battle of the bands, dancing, jokes, memories, step shows and the football game.

We saw  beautiful colors of  burgundy, gold, orange and green everywhere, these are the school colors, wildcats and rattlers were posted on cars, building, flyers, flags, t-shirts, hats, jackets, bumper stickers, people had tail gate parties, some came 2 to 3 days early, faces were painted, music was blasting, happiness and love was in the air. 

Orange Blossom Trail, Central Boulevard, Washington Street, Colonial Drive, Tampa Avenue, Orange Center, Church Street, Rio Grande, John Young Parkway had its share of traffic, the police and sheriffs were out more than at any other Citrus bowl events (but that’s another blog). People were parking cars, selling food, t-shirts, purses, make up, music, clothing, and college memorabilia was every where, money was being brought into the city and to the community. Hotels were occupied,  recreational vehicles and tricked out cars were everywhere it was a mass of beauty, 63,000 + people attended the football game. Wow that’s a Classic or is it!!

I looked up the word CLASSIC and it means, serving as a standard of excellence of recognized value, historically memorable, but the definition  that intrigued me the most was “something that doesn’t go out of style”.  Mm that made me think of Jesus, HE never goes out of style HE is a true CLASSIC, Can I get an Amen?

I was amazed at the turn out of thousands of fans gathered together to pay homage to their teams, it reminded me of the blog I posted last week fan or follower of Jesus?  We display so much cheer and spirit for our football teams but what about Team Jesus?  Some of us sit in church on Sundays and most of us won’t open up our mouths to praise God, we won’t clap, shout, dance, wave our hands or show any display of emotions of how much we love Jesus.  We give Jesus a couple of praise songs, the songs we sing are mundane and drab and repetitious, half of us won’t show up to practice (practice makes perfect), we’re don’t act cheerful while singing or we act as though we aren’t feeling the songs, no smiles, but when we are at a football game we turn into number 1 fans, your arthritis and rhuematism doesn’t bother you anymore,  we shake, rattle, roll, split, dip, gyrate, pop the collar, roger rabbit, stanky legs, soldier boy, lean with it rock wit  it, california worm, the Dougie and kinds of dances, the bands duel it out and they pull out all stops.

Half time at the classic is something to behold. Our praise and worship should always be like half time. Jesus would appreciate our praise and worship (He inhabits the praises of Israel-His people) if we pumped it up like we do at sports games. 

I read an article this morning that said these two teams practice for two weeks non stop to perfect their performances, it said fans would be on the edge of their seats for dramatic point earning plays by jersey clad players and the sharp uniforms of the bands will be getting full attention as well. Everybody will be expecting the element of surprise by both bands, a student says she enjoys the appreciations you get from both teams and the fans. 14 or 24 karat gold dancers pump the crowd up, the bands spell out the name of the college, the marching one hundreds put on a show that no one forgets, the drum majors are spectacular and the drumline also have their thing going on. 

 The article goes on to say that the event turns into a family reunion. But here we sit in the presence of “Jesus the Classic” like a bump on a log.  There’s something very wrong with us being able to praise with the world but not the word.

Where’s the pep rally for Jesus? 

Lets look at the words to the  Famu fight song    (the tune is catchy)                                                                                                     

 Marching 100 fight  song

We come to have some fun

 The party has just begun (just begun)

and you know we’re number one

gotta get up now (yeah yeah)

This a rattler show

around and around we go (round we go)

and we’re bout to strike you know

gotta get up now

gotta get up

get up

for the rattlers!!!

Now lets look at the words that I put together for the Jesus fight song     

                                                                                                                              Marching fight song for Jesus

We’re  gonna have some fun

We’re putting the devil on the run (on the run)

You know Jesus is number one

Come on get up now (yeah yeah)

This is a Jesus show

 around and around we go (around we go)

stomping the devil who goes to and fro

Come on get up now 

Gotta get up

Get up

For Jesus!!!


Alright Keisha, Latarsha, De De, Karen, Bishop, Pastor Elaine, Cal and all you rattlers I know you’re going to be singing my new song (lol)I want to close with this, The classic expected to hit the one millionth fan this year. That fan will receive two free tickets for life to the classic. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trade my free ticket to the Jesus Classic for two free tickets for the Florida Classic (I’m just saying).

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (Smoochiez)



  1. I love this and its the absolute truth, what can we do to change this bump on a log mentallity? I will do better on my part

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