Prayer changes things!

Blessings all,

I just want to say thank you all again for your love and support. I strive to do the work of the Lord daily. The task of writing is not easy and I pray daily for God to give me something that will edify, inspire, exalt and help His people and I feel that He has been faithful in proving Himself over and over to me.

Today I petition you to sincerely pray for those in need of a supernatural miracle. God specializes in blessing His people. Jesus states in Matthew 18:19&20, Again  say unto you,that if, two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst. 

Lets agree and touch right now in the name of Jesus, try it Prayer changes things!!!

Father God we come to you this  morning in the humblest way that we know how, we ask You God to manifest your love today in the lives of those who are in hopeless situations, bless those who are homeless and hungry, feed them and shelter them as only You can. Bless the grief-stricken families for your word states that they shall be comforted. Those who are going through financial burdens may You pour out blessings to them so that their cup runneth over. Those who may be feeling suicidal may You send an angel to snatch them out of harms way, for those who are  being abused and neglected may You protect them and fight their battles,  for those who are being set up on their jobs by the enemy may the spirit of the Lord lift up a standard against them, for those that have been lied on may the truth shine through brightly, for those who have received bad reports from their doctors and going through surgery may You turn those reports into healings, for those going through mental challenges may You restore them to their right and complete minds, for those who are feeling lonely may you feel their hearts with joy and surround them with godly friends, for those who are being bullied may you be their strong tower,  for those wayward sons and daughters may you bring them home safely never to return to the streets again except to witness for You, for those who maybe facing the judicial system, may You be their judge, jury and lawyer, pound the gravel of freedom for them this morning. For those who have lost sight of you may you bring them back to you for you say that you are married to the backslider, for those dependant on drugs and alcohol may you loose them from their addictions, for those who are facing divorce or separation this morning restore the love in the marriage. Sweet Jesus look upon all who have been afflicted and loose them this morning for you are Jehovah Rophi our healer, your are our deliverer and You are our provider. We thank You for your many many blessings in advance, we give you a yet praise because we know that You alone are worthy, we bless Your name because You and only You can redeem us. We remind You of Your Holy Word this morning that states Your word will not return to You void. Lord we worship you because You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We thank You for the precious Blood of Jesus that has wonder-working power, we thank You Lord for You are our hope. We ask You to bless our spouses, children, in-laws and all relatives, friends and enemies, we ask that You bless our leaders and our churches, the President and all of those in authority. May we all prosper in Your love this day and help someone along the way, I believe all that we have prayed and I am waiting to hear the testimonies in the matchless name of Jesus, Amen

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)

3 thoughts on “Prayer changes things!

  1. Awesome prayer, and I touch and agree with you on the behave of everyone that’s in need of a divine manifestation from our Father,amen.

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