Abigail a Ride or Die Chick!!

Blessings all,

Got up this beautiful morning praising God, I thank Him for everything, all is well this morning within my soul. I asked  God what did he want me to read this morning and He spoke one word and that word was “Abigail”, I was like “Abigail?” Now Lord what about “Abigail”? I opened up my bible (road map) to 1 Samuel 25:1-42 and begin to read, as I begin to read I got so happy because “Abigail” is a Ride or Die Chick?

See the story goes like this, there was a man name Nabal that lived in Ma’on and he was very great, he was wealthy but he was churlish (harsh) and evil in what he did. So David sent ten of his young men to greet Nabal in his name, and told him peace unto him, his house, and to all that he has, they also told him that it is sheep shearing time and your shearers were camped near us and we didn’t take advantage of them , neither did we take anything the whole time they were there. Now we need something from you we’re tired and hungry and we need for you to share your feast, give whatever your heart tells you to do to my men and to David the son of Jesse.

But Nabal said unto the men, Who is this David? Do you think I’m gonna take good bread, wine and meat from my sheep shearers and give it to men I’ve never seen before? Well, Davids men left and told David what Nabal had told them. David told them to strap on their swords and they did and four hundred of them rode off with David and two hundred men stayed at the camp. Well in the mean time, one of the young shepherds told Abigail what her husband Nabal had done, the young man told Abigail these people formed a wall around us and protecting us day and night the whole time they were there tending sheep and no harm came to us. Abigail girl you better do something quick, because David is not the one to tick off, if you don’t do something we are going to be in big trouble (now remember David is a man of war)!

Abigail the “Ride or Die Chick flew into action, she took two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five sheep dressed and read to cook, a bushel of roasted grain, a hundred raising cakes, and two hundred fig cakes, she loaded it all on donkeys, then she said to her young servants, you all go ahead and pave the way for me. I’m right behind you (and she said nothing to her husband).

 In the meantime David told his men before they left that all that they had done for Nabal and he insulted him and them, it’s on now and everything that urinates against the wall in Nabal kingdom will be destroyed by morning and may God do worse to him if it doesn’t happen. David had murder on his mind.

As Abigail was going to meet David, she saw him and his men got down off of her donkey and asked for permission to speak, see Abigail knew who David was and what he was capable of doing. She told him I wasn’t there when you came but as God lives and you live, God has kept you from avenging Nabal to murder him, any may you and all your enemies that seek to kill him end up like Nabal for his name means a fool. Now take this gift that I have prepared and give it to your young men who follow in your footsteps. She began to tell David he has too much to live for and God has blessed him so much to even try to deal with Nabal in the flesh, she tells him to allow God to fight his battle and that God honors your life and protects you mightily, you don’t want the weight of killing a fool on your heart, come on David listen to me and remember me when God has worked it out for your good.

David listened to this Ride or Die Chick and he agreed with her to not harm Nabal, he thanked her for reminding him of how good God is to him and how he thanked her for looking out for him, that was a close call and I thank you for stopping me in my tracks because if you hadn’t Nabal and all that urinates on the wall would have been dead by morning. David accepted the gifts she brought and told her to return home in peace, I heard what you said and I am going to do what you have asked.

When Abigail the Ride or Die Chick arrived home Nabal was have a large feast, he was so drunk, so she didn’t tell him what she had done.  But that morning after he had sobered up she told him what he had done and what she had done, Nabal got so worked up that he had a heart attack and fell into a coma. Ten days later “GOD” finished him off and he died.

When David heard that Nabal was dead he begin to thank God for standing up for him, the evil that Nabal said to him came back upon him and got him killed. Then David sent for Abigail to tell her he wanted to marry her, see David witnessed first hand that Abigail was a take charge woman, she had patience, wisdom, knowledge, she was trustworthy, she was beautiful, she was all about doing right, she knew how to talk to a man, she knew how to stroke his ego, she knew how to cook, she knew how to give good gifts, she knew how to encourage a man, remind him of who he was in God, she knew how to prophesy to a man, she knew how to build up a house and a man, she knew how to capture a man’s heart and his attention, she knew how to speak, she knew how to think and how to articulate, she knew when to spring into action, she knew how to prepare, she knew how to saddle a donkey and pack one for the ride, she knew how to send peacemakers out before she got to King David, she knew how to stand by her man if he was right, she didn’t compromise, she knew her husband was a fool, she knew how to call in favors, she knew how to talk up for herself and those who were innocent, people confided in her because they knew she thought things out, she knew when to hold them and knew when to fold them, she had strength and confidence, she knew when to keep her mouth closed and when to speak, Abigail was marriage material, she knew how to quote scripture, she knew all the right things to say and do and Abigail had no fear in doing it, Abigail was a voice to be reckoned with,  Abigail rode out on a donkey and this makes her the ultimate “Ride or die Chick” in history.

Gone Abigail with your bad self.

 Now once again where my Ride or Die Chicks at?

SN: Men pray that God sends you a Ride or Die Chick.

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)


4 thoughts on “Abigail a Ride or Die Chick!!

  1. I have learned to be a RIDE OR DIE CHICK and with GOD’s help each day I will get better and better

    DAVID LEMMON, II’s Ride or Die Chick

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