Come on drop your net and Launch out into the deep!!

Blessings all,

Today is another beautiful day and I am praising God that I am in the land of the living, I have another chance to witness and share Gods word to all.

I was told by a relative about a year ago that God wanted me to launch out into the deep” (thanks Wanda Whittaker), I thought I was in the deep, but the more I thought about it I wasn’t even close. I was a little shocked by this but when you see the truth and accept it, you do something about it, see the truth sets you free. So I begin to research, pray, fast, consecrate, meditate, digest, praise and go deeper into the word of God.

In Luke 5, Jesus commands Simon Peter to “Launch his net out into the deep and drop it”, you see Simon had been fishing all night in shallow water, just wading not even touching the bottom, he didn’t get a nibble or a bite, the fish were not biting where Simon Peter was and by the way you can’t catch fish at the edge of the water, so when Jesus commands him to throw his net into the deep he immediately obeys, he hadn’t caught anything thus far, so he might as well try it. So here goes!!

 Have you ever seen a bear catch salmon? The bear positions himself in the water to catch salmon that swim upstream, sometimes the bear dives underwater to catch fish. The bear is a master fisherman, regardless of his size he is agile and shows his skills, waiting patiently on his catch. See that’s what Jesus is proposing to us today to “Launch out into the deep” and drop your net. Get out of your comfort zone and throw your net out, I’ve never learned to swim but I took the plunge, I must admit I was a little fearful, I was happy being where I was and I didn’t want to rock the boat or tip it over, I was cool just sailing along and having little small waves come in and out my life, I was like the song Otis Redding made famous, sitting on the dock of bay watching the tides roll aways, sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time. When out comes the message, attention attention!!! Robin you need to launch out into the deep!!! Send out the coastguards, throw me a life jacket, woman overboard!!!

Wow!! Now that I’m out in the deep it feels good, I’m not afraid for God is with me, I’m catching fish by the droves my net is overflowing.  There’s a blessing in the deep!!! When you give God your undivided attention, scriptures that you’ve read over and over in the bible suddenly comes to life it’s as though the scriptures literally jump off of the page and begin to speak life, you begin to have dreams and visions, God begins to speak to you audibly, every sense that you possess is awaken, you can hear, see, smell, touch and taste in the spirit realm, you’ve tapped into some of the unknown mysteries of God. This is what happens when you launch out into the deep. The anointing on your life is so tangible it feels as though you can reach out and touch it. When you open your mouth to speak, people pay attention, they listen to what you have to say and they support and love you for what God is doing in your life. The word of God says O taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8), you begin to taste the sweet nectar of Gods word because it is sweeter than the honey on the honeycomb, you can smell the perfumed fragrance of Jesus when He enters the room its a smell that permeates around surrounding you in love and peace.

Launching out into the deep means we have to put our faith and convictions into action (faith without works is dead). Fishermen have patience and they are not easily discouraged, they stay out on the water until they catch something, they sit around talking about the one that almost got away, and who caught the biggest or most fish. Simon Peter won the bragging rights as Fisherman of all times. You see Simon Peter obeyed Jesus and changed positions and went out further into the ocean, then he drop his net, Simon Peters boat was barren but by morning he was fruitful (hey glory), there was an overflow of fish, so much that they had to call out to neighboring ships to help them with their catch, and when those ships came over to help them and they were filled with fish, those ships begin to sink.

 Hold on don’t fret when you begin to sink, Jesus will do like what he did for Peter when he asked to walk on water,  he did for a minute but then he took his eyes off of Jesus and started looking at the waves and winds, Peter found himself sinking but just in the nick of time Jesus reached out his holy hands and caught him, Jesus will catch you before you fall and sink, He’s got you. When it was all over Simon Peter and the other fishermen made it back to shore safely and became fisherman of men witnessing to everyone, that is the biggest catch of all for Jesus.

Come on I dare you to “Launch out into the deep”  that’s it that’s it now drop your net!.

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)

Forever Your Servant

One thought on “Come on drop your net and Launch out into the deep!!

  1. Robin, love the inspirational message EVERYDAY! They are my pick-me up in the morning! Thank you for following God’s instructions.

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