Pump it up, Pump it up, Pump it up now! Dede Cason

Blessings all,

You ever woke up invigorated and excited in your soul?  You feel and know that something good is going to happen but you just don’t know what! Well that’s how I woke up this morning I couldn’t be still, I begin to just praise the Lord in my spirit and I could feel my spiritual baby leap, I felt a tingle all over and I just said Lord what is this, what’s up, why am I so excited?  I was soon to find out what He wants from me and you.

A friend of mine, Elder Dede Cason dropped into my spirit this morning.  A few years ago, I took her aerobics class at our church, I was trying to get the old body in shape (my Lord).  When I signed up for the class I thought hey how bad could this be its aerobics, it’s not cardio or kickboxing? We’re all excited to see what this tiny of figure of a woman was going to do, so we walked over into the gymnasium where the classes was being held, we had our mats, towels, water bottles and etc. Dede welcomes everyone, Dede had given birth to twins a few months earlier so I just knew she wasn’t going to take us through anything strenuous, but wait a minute the more I looked at Dede she didn’t look like she had given birth I might be in a little trouble oh oh and come to think of it Dede had on that coach face, Oh Lord what have I done?  Dede started the class off with a small warm up a few stretches and lunges to loosen our muscles, then all of a sudden she said I’m gonna have you all follow me, okay me and my crew looked at each other and nodded like we got this, Lord have mercy, Dede put on the dvd Donna Richardson’s “Dancing in the Spirit”. Oh my Lord, when the music starts up you’d better be ready, it starts off a little slow, but by the time we got to the fourth song I think it was “As Long as I got King Jesus I don’t need nobody else by Vicki Winans,  Vicki you don’t know how on point your were I need Jesus and the disciples, I was sweating, my adrenaline and heart was racing, my nose was flared and I thought I saw green stars and pink clovers.  Dede is always energetic during aerobics she’s shouting Pump it up, Pump it up, Pump it up now!!!  She’s coaching us into getting our bodies into shape and encouraging us that we can do it (oh yeah!!) Her fist are balled up and she is going at it with a fierceness. Lord where does she get all of this energy? She’s a maniac maniac on the floor and she’s dancing like she’s never danced before, she knows this routine with her eyes closed she’s confident and she loves what she is doing, I just wished she would just slow it down or better yet stop!!!!

Oh my but Dede doesn’t stop, she’s like a mad woman, she is serious about her job and her workout, she was jumping and prancing, and moving and grooving, and lunging and plunging, bending and stretching, running in place and shouting Pump it up Pump it up Pump it Now! Come on y’all you can do it, come on give me  more, come on ladies let’s get it!! A one a two a three, Are you with me? No!! Me and my crew was looking at her like is she serious,? Then the excuses came flying out of our mouths, girl my lungs are on fire, my thighs are burning, my arms hurt, my heart is about to burst, I’m sweaty, I’m tired, my feet hurts, my muscles ache, I’m thirsty, I can’t breathe, girl I think my blood pressure is up, I’m dizzy, my hair even hurts, Oh Lord my back,  I quit!  Lord is she insane? I’m not a Physical Ed teacher like her, we’re not all skinny, she’s knows that we are overweight. Please Dede give us a break before I throw a brick at you!!!

Okay she slows down, she must have heard me in the spirit, she called for us to walk it out, I wanted to walk out of the gym but I stayed to see what we would do next, my heart was slowing down, I caught my second wind and then she called for floor exercises, alright she’s giving us a break, how hard could her floor exercises be? Oh my Lord, can somebody come and get this chick, I have not been stretched like a pretzel since I was in junior high and high school during PE and gymnastics, then I remembered how I excelled in gymnastics, cheerleading and dance competitions and I’m thinking what happened? How did you let yourself go? You use to be so good on the balance beam, parallel bars, the horse and floor exercises was nothing for you, you could do round houses, backbends, straddles and splits, your body use to contort into all types of positions, you were so flexible, graceful and limber, Robin what happened? 

Well this is what the Lord is saying to me and to you, we have neglected our bodies for so long not exercising or using our muscles, we need to begin to take care of our earthly temples (1 Cor. 6:19-20)Your body is a temple o the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, you are not your own, for your were bought with a price, so glorify God in your body).  That’s why some of us are going through health issues, not because its hereditary or genetic it’s because of our lack of disciplining our bodies and appetites. But most of all  Jesus  is concerned about our spiritual condition. 1 Cor 3:16-17 (Do you not know that you are Gods’s temple and that God dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy and your are that temple). 

We gave all types of excuses as we did with the aerobics workout, we slack in reading our word, we slack in meditating, we slack in prayer, we slack in witnessing, we slack in everything that has to do with the Lord. The bible states that God is not slack concerning His promises so why are we slacking?

As I thought about this I asked the Lord to forgive me for my shortcomings and complaining about this workout, it just wasn’t for my physical body it was for my spiritual body, the music was praise and worship it was exalted God and His people, but I was so engrossed in my own selfishness, for I couldn’t see or hear you. Lord Dede was there to help us and I gave up on myself and her before I could even start, I didn’t wait to see the muscles, the definition, the weight loss and goodness I would feel in my body,spirit, mind and soul. I just stopped exercising cold turkey. See that’s what we do to our spiritual bodies, we get so comfortable we don’t spend time in prayer, fellowship or the word, we take Gods word lightly, we take Him for granted. Gods word is food to our bones, we need the milk and meat of His holy word to able to stand and fight the enemy. How can our armor fit if we are spiritually out of shape? How can we call on Jesus and His angels to help us? How can you be an effective witness? How can any of our prayers be answered if we are disconnected from our Power Source?

1 Corinthians 3:2 I gave you milk, not solid food for you were not able as yet. But neither indeed are you now able, for you are yet carnal (ouch that hurt, sad but it was true). Lord help me, I was carnal I wasn’t worthy to eat meat because I was not ready for it, I had to learn that the gospel is like drinking milk (a baby christian) and eating meat (an adult).

Come on go get your bibles, get your knee pillows and your prayer shawls, get your handkerchiefs, get your cd player, get your praise and worship music,ready a one a two a three, As long as I got King Jesus, long as I got King Jesus, long long long long long  I don’t need nobody else,  pump it up pump it up pump it up now!!!

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)

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