Pray for the Champions

Blessings all,

I just want to take the time to ask you to pray for The Champion Family, their son died after the Florida Classic. I can’t imagine the pain that this family’s going through and the many questions that they must have surrounding his death.

This young man had gone through some hardships in his finances and was not able to attend when he should have, but by the grace of God he was finally able to attend a fine institution known as FAMU College his mothers Alma Mater.

I heard this young man was to become the head drum major next year. What a tragedy for this family. We all have had someone to grieve this year, but my heart truly goes out to this family. They are now speaking out on the awareness of hazing.

People lets educate and talk to our children, that hazing is not a good thing. Our children are being traumatized, hurt and scarred for life, in this young man’s case he’s no longer has a life. It’s a shame that it took someone having to die to get the attention that something needed to be done on our college campuses about hazing. We send our children off to school to receive an education and a degree not to receive a call that they’re demise, we think that our children are not supposed to leave this earth before us, no one wants to bury a child, trust me I know.

Lets get the word out that hazing is crazy and dangerous and it affects everyone involved, lets stop the violence and the secrecy, the bible declares in Luke 12:2-3 (NIV) There is nothing that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear of the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs. In layman’s terms what is done in the dark will come to the light. I know it was in the plan of God for Robert Champion Jr. to die November 2011, but it wasn’t the plan of the Champions.

Pray for FAMU students, faculty and staff, they truly need the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous, pray for the healing and restoration of all whom were effected by Robert Champion Jr’s death. Pray for all colleges, the enemy is running rampant. The enemy wants to kill our future, cover your children with the blood of Jesus and teach them to pray and follow Jesus and acknowledge Him in all that they do.

We have a voice and let us lift it to educate and warn our children to not follow the crowd and its okay to be different, teach them to do the right thing because it only takes a moment for you to make the wrong decision and poof your life is over. FAMU College is a fine and awesome higher learning institution that offers much for our children lets keep it that way.

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)

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