Twas two days after Christmas I can’t find my receipt

Blessings all,

Twas two days after Christmas and I’m tearing the house apart

Looking for my receipt, to return a gift to the local Wal-Mart

I thought it was in my pants pocket or may be my purse

Lord please help me find it, I need a blessing not a curse!

Okay I go into the room and I’m looking on the bed

Nope it’s not there, just Chuck laying there with the covers over his head

He’s lying there so content and  so sweet

I just want to scream at him, man where’s my receipt?

When all of a sudden I thought came to my mind

That receipt is hiding from me I can’t see it I must be blind

I tore up my dresser like a mad woman on drugs

I even moved the night stand and looked under the rug

Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash

I emptied the drawers, the cabinets and the trash

I looked on the floor

And I opened the door

Looked up in the tree and saw a squirrel eating a treat

Mr. Squirrel do you know where I put my receipt?

Now I’m crazy I’m talking to a squirrel

So I shake my head and quickly turn with a twirl

I go back in the house to finish my find

Lord help me find this receipt before I lose my mind!!!

Now Ree Ree, now Berlon and now Piggie, y’all come help me shake every bed sheet

I mean quick and immediately, help me find my receipt!!

Now Chuck wakes up and says hey woman you need to calm down!!

You screaming and fussing and acting like a clown.

Well, I’m sorry that I’m acting a fool

I really have been trying to keep my cool

I’m tired and frustrated and kind of dismayed

Chuck looks at me and said Robin did you pray?

I hung my head in shame, because I had forgotten

God was probably looking at me too, I felt so rotten

As I begin to pray and my prayer was complete

I brushed my hand across my breast

I found my receipt!!!!


Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry

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