How Great is our God?

Blessings all and Happy New Year!

 “How Great is Our God” ?, the splendor of the King, clothed in majesty, let all the earth rejoice let all the earth rejoice, He wraps Himself in light and darkness tries to hide, it trembles at His voice, it trembles at His voice, How Great is Our God” sing with me “How Great is Our God” How Great is this God we Serve?”

Ask yourself this question, How Great is the God you serve? 

 You see some of us have put God in a box, limiting Him on what He can do, you can trust Him with small things, but then when it comes to something major in your life, you allow the enemy to bind you from speaking, you’re gripped with fear, you have the mentality that God doesn’t want to be bothered with what you’re going through. This is so far from the truth, God knows and He cares, He just wants you to speak it out of your mouth about whats going on so that He can release you from the pain, the hurt, the turmoil, the fear, the anger, the anxiety, the secrecy, the shyness, the hypocrisy, the lies and the burdens.

If demons tremble at the voice of God, you know that Jesus is babababa bad, bad to the bone.  See a demons job is to keep you in fear and bondage and to keep you from getting to Jesus. But at the sight or sound of Jesus this  demon bows down and worships Jesus. See just announcing that Jesus is on the scene will make a demon flee. Mark 5:1&2,5-9 talks about the man who lived among the dead, he ran to meet Jesus, no one could bind this man, he would break every chain and shackle that was put on him, the bible goes on to say that he walked day and night in the mountains, cutting himself with stones, he inflicted pain upon himself (see that’s what some of us do, we unnaturally cut ourselves when we are in a dilemma). This man also asked Jesus what have I to do with You Jesus, Son of the Most High God? See the demon that had taken over this mans body knew that his time was up, he knew that Jesus was going to set this captive free. Jesus didn’t answer this demon, He simply said, come out of the man unclean spirit, but then Jesus asked him what is your name? Now Jesus had denounce demons before, so why did He ask this demon his name? He asked it on our behalf, for us to know that it doesn’t matter how many demons there are, Jesus can and will make them take flight.

Imagine how this man felt, being finally free to live normally, no longer living among the dead

I triple dog dare you to say the name of Jesus over, every sickness, every disease, every battle, every lie, every fear, every debt, every poverty spirit, every not enough spirit, every homelessness, every foreclosure, every lack, every selfishness spirit, every I don’t care spirit, every adultery and fornication spirit, every witchcraft, every lonely spirit, every homosexual, every graveyard mentality, every hopeless situation, every court proceeding, every radiation and chemotherapy treatment, every dialysis treatment, every insulin shot, every albuterol user, every roaming spirit, every crying uncontrollably spirit, every depression and oppression spirit, every cpap machine, every manipulative spirit, every plot every, scheme, every hidden and evil spirit, every oxygen user, every addiction to prescription pills, every over eater spirit, every anorexia and bulimia spirit, every unnatural perversion, every back biting and gossiping spirit, every selfish spirit, every spirit of competition, every spirit of rebellion, every mental and physical disability, every unemployed spirit, every compromising, every hatred spirit, every hypocritical spirit, every prostituting and exploiting spirit, every down low spirit, every envious and jealous spirit, every poverty spirit, every drug and alcohol addiction, every burden and every pain we put you on notice and you have been evicted you know longer reside in us and by the authority of Jesus Christ our Savior you are commanded to go now in the Matchless name of Jesus.

 You can have this peace and joy today, Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance, I just wanna praise Him, I just wanna praise

 “How Great is this God we Serve?

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)

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