Thank You Lord for this child!

Blessings all,

From time to time I run into a child that really impresses me, I want to thank God for this young lady, she stands out because she did something no other child had done. On New Years morning after our wonderful church concert this child comes up to me and taps me on the shoulder and says to me, Happy New Year Mrs. Robin! This meant more to me than the 50 Happy New Years I had gotten from the adults. This child who is ordinarily very quiet, reserved and has the sweetish disposition ever forsaked all of her peers and came to me personally to wish me a Happy New Year! I was floored, this touched my heart so deeply until it literally took my breath away and it made my heart go pitter pat.

This young lady reminded me of a butterfly that I saw on New Years afternoon while sitting on my front porch combing my granddaughters hair, I thought it very strange to see the butterfly this time of year, my husband was in the yard putting chicken on the grill and I said to him, do you see that butterfly?  It isn’t spring time so why is it here?  The Lord brought the word ” TRANSFORMATION” to me. So as I watched this beautiful butterfly go from one leaf to the other looking as though it was leaving little kisses on each leaf that it touched then even coming close to where we were sitting and finally flying off, I was in awe as to how this beautiful orange, yellow and outline in black  design. This butterfly wasn’t so beautiful not to long ago.

A butterfly goes through something called metamorphosis, meaning it changes completely, its has four stages, the first is the egg stage, second stage larva this is where food is consumed for growth it has a voracious appetite and eats constantly the body begins to grow, the exoskeleton is shedded in a process called molting, third stage is a pupa or chrysalis the pupa attaches itself to a twig or a wall for support just from looking at it with the human eye you would think that nothing is going on with the pupa but it is in a resting stage and transforms fourthly into a butterfly, this brings me back to the young lady who wished me Happy New Year I have seen her go through all of these stages and she has finally “TRANSFORMED” into a beautiful butterfly.

I tip my hat to the parents of this young lady, I know they’ve prayed, marked and invested in their child’s life. This child is always respectful to me and my spouse and very helpful in doing whatever is asked of her, she doesn’t participate in any foolishness she’s always to herself and watching and listening intently, she is not apart of a clique, she is a child that can not be easily influenced, she has leadership qualities.  When I see her I always give her a hug and tell her how beautiful and how incredible she is, our youth need much love, support and encouragement from us. I believe this child will be an evangelist and a prophet because her lifestyle fits this title, she is a great candidate to carry and speak the gospel of Jesus and to start-up and establish new churches. She has “TRANSFORMED” into a beautiful butterfly.

Okay I know you all are wondering who this child is? Let me tell you, but first I must say thank You Jesus for using Tynette Beacham to be the first child of the New Year in saying Happy New Year Mrs. Robin. May God continue to use you to speak love and life into everyone’s life as you have done in mine, I also feel an attachment to Tynette because she and my husband shares the same birthday (she gets extra kudos for that). Love ya Tynette continue in your walk and may you never waver from your path of walking and working for the Lord.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)

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