They will either back you or attack you!!!

Blessings all,

My new friend Prophet Johnny Garrett, said you want to see who your real friends are? Stand on the word, walk in the spirit, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Church. Do what God leads you to do, the people will either back you or attack you.

1 Samuel 18 is the story of David and Johnathan, they were the best of friends, they were more like brothers, David had seven brothers but he was not close to any of them a matter of a fact they treated him poorly. David was the only one that went up against Goliath and won the battle. It’s a true saying that a perfect stranger will treat you better than your own sisters and brothers. We must not forget who was there for us, those who have prayed and labored with us, those who allowed God to direct them in what to do to help you. The same people you are trying to leave behind you will need them sooner than you think. David remembered Johnathan because they had made a covenant agreement. David protected Johnathan’s family and Johnathan rebuked his own father King Saul for the friendship of David, Johnathan let David know when his father was going to harm him or do him wrong. True kinship and friendship involves loyalty sacrifice and emotional attachment. And as Pastor Russ Beacham said on New Year’s Eve, the folks that you are treating wrong will have moved on and will be SOLD OUT!

You better catch what I’m saying in the Spirit and in the natural.

Forever His Servant (SmoochieZ)

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