Blessings all,

We have heard this word in the church, on tv, it’s been prophesied to some of you and God has literally spoke it to many of us to “SHIFT”. “SHIFT” means to move somebody or something into a different position, or be moved to a different position, move on, go away, turn, switch, change gear.

In layman terms, switcheroo or Giddy up, bye-bye, hasta la vista baby, see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya, good day, SmoochieZ, Now you understand what I’m saying?

Let’s take Abraham for example,  Genesis 12:1 God told Him to leave his father’s house and to leave his kindred and to go to a land that he would show Abraham. Abraham did leave but he made a mistake he took his nephew Lot with him.

 Lot was nothing but trouble, Lot pitched his tent to close to Sodom, Lot battled temptations everyday, he was vexed and vile, he claimed the best land for himself, he and the herdsmen argued about the land, he caused strife, he even offered up his daughters to be raped (my God!), the angels had to literally take Lot by the hand to make him leave Sodom and Gomorrah, Lots wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt (she was physically and emotionally attached to wrong living).

When the angels took Lot from Sodom, Lot asked to go to a neighboring city, isn’t that just like us, when God tells us to “SHIFT”, leave, move or get away, we petition to go somewhere close to where we came from.  And God being God grants us access. It’s dangerous to do this, it’s dangerous to live or be close to what God is telling you to get away from. When God tells us to move we must be obedient and react expeditiously, for God knows best about our future.

Genesis 19:30 – 31 Lot being very afraid of what God had done escaped with his daughters into the mountains and lived in a cave, because God had destroyed the plains sending fire and brimstone killing everyone in the city.  they thought they were doing a noble act and replenishing the earth by getting their father drunk (where did the wine come from?) and having an incestuous relationship.

Lots daughters children’s name are; Moab – his name means of a father (Moabites) and Ben-ammi – his name means son of my people (Ammonites). These two brothers became nations where they were always a thorn to the side of Israel. The bible does not tell what happened to their mothers except for them starting this damage in their family they are not mentioned again. You bring a curse upon yourself and your family when you don’t listen to God, don’t trust Him, don’t believe Him and don’t wait on Him. 

These brothers were cousins, Lot should have been his grandfather but he was their father, oh my what a mess! I believe if Lot had stayed where he was in the beginning his family would not have been cursed? What are your thoughts?

 So when God tells you to “SHIFT” you better move, change gears, get the stepping, giddy up, throw your deuces up and not take anyone with you.


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)

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