Sunkist Orange Soda

Blessings all,

On yesterday, Mrs. Ford and I went to the cemetery to visit Mr. Ford’s gravesite.  When we arrived we looked around at all of the head stones, the gardens were superbly beautiful and the array of flowers everywhere, the cemetery is well cared for.

I begin to have my own conversation with Mr. Ford, yes I know he is no longer in this world but it made me feel better to talk, I was amazed at how strong I have become, I didn’t cry, I was a misty eyed but no tears flowed, my heart was no longer heavy, my body didn’t react as it usually does, the pain is still there but it no longer feels as though I can’t breathe or that I can’t go on another day, God had done a marvelous work in me, God cares for me so much that He has bottled up my tears and made me stronger.

The weather was so beautiful there at the cemetery it was as though God had blown kisses in the air and they exploded with sweet nectar and sunshine. Mrs. Cleo and I laughed and reminisced about the things that made us laugh and love Mr. Ford so much and as we walked off we both thought about Mr. Ford drinking his favorite orange soda, so long Mr. Ford until our next visit.

Next time I’ll remember to bring an Orange Sunkist Soda (I’ll drink it for you), soda cans up everyone let’s do a toast for Mr. Ford we truly miss you but God missed you more.

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry (SmoochieZ)


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