You say Church Mess I say what about Church Folks?

Blessings all,

A young man came to our church promoting a play called Church Mess, as he was talking I begin to think, yeah it may be some church mess but it couldn’t be church mess without church folks. Now noticed I said church folks and not born again Christians. From my own experiences, let me share with you how messy church folk are.

Church folks have their cliques & only celebrate them, they don’t acknowledge you or speak, they never have anything good to say about you, and neither do they congratulate or compliment you on any accomplishments, they avoid the anointed at all cost, they grieve and quench the Holy Spirit, they will lie on you, they watch the time and don’t deviate from the program, they talk to you only when their cliques are not around, when church folks are confronted they turn into cowards, church folks have a meeting before the meeting, no one can do it like them or better than them, they will chew you up and spit you out, they will eat you alive, they single you out, they see your flaws and shortcomings but not theirs, they gossip, they’re nosey, they have to be number one in everything, they are over all committees, they talk to you with disrespect, they critique you, call you out in front of people, they demean and degrade you, they size you up, they run people away from church, church folk are mean, evil, cruel,they don’ allow you to join in any of their reindeer games (lol),  they ridicule, laugh at you and hurt you with no regard at all, they’re cold, callous, manipulative, controlling, mean, vindictive, hateful and rude, church folks change the rules when it applies to them, church folks are quiet when you walk into a room, they are phony, Wow, church folks are just down right messy.

Are you a church folk or a born again Christian? Check yourself. Hell has enlarged itself, if we don’t get it right we will lift our eyes up in hell.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A.Curry


2 thoughts on “You say Church Mess I say what about Church Folks?

  1. I think this is called “church brat syndrome” Seriously, though, when people grow in their relationship with God, they start to look not just inward, but outward. Sure people bring problems, but that is why the church exists.

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