Hello can you Hear Him Now????

Blessings all,

Just imagine yourself running away from the law, you’ve just killed someone, you’re high tailing it out-of-town, you’re going somewhere where you know that the authorities won’t look for you, you’re nervous, you’re sweaty, you’re expecting to be caught at any moment, you’re looking over your shoulders, any sound that you hear you jump, you’re suspicious of everyone, you’re almost to your destination,when all of a sudden you look over and see a bush on fire but it’s not burning.You don’t want to stop but this burning bush fascinates you and has drawn your attention, you stop and begin to take a closer look at this bush to see if what you are really seeing is possible. Does this sound familiar to you?  It should this is what happened to Moses.

Moses turned to the side and looked at the bush, he couldn’t believe it, when God saw that Moses turned to look at the bush, God said Moses, Moses, see when God calls your name He expects you to answer, so Moses answered and said “Here I am”. Remember Samuel was called three times and He answered “Here I am”, Isaiah also answered “Here I am Lord, send me. God begins to speak to Moses and tells him exactly what he wants him to do.

God is calling out to some of you today, are you listening?  Does God have to say to you can you hear Me now? Will you willing obey the voice of the Lord? Or will you continue to run?

God is calling you to be a leader, just as Moses was. But running won’t help the people who need help. How can you be a deliverer for those that have been afflicted and you are running from the call? God wants us to man and woman up and say “Here I am” what do you need me to do for You? Stop making excuses, Moses had a few but every time he came up with an excuse God gave him the solution, God told Moses that He was going to be with him, people of God if you answer your calling God will be with you too. What are you not doing that God has called you to do?

Perhaps you are saying like Moses, “Who am I God that you would choose me”? Why will the people listen to me? Who will I tell them who sent me? As God simply spoke to Moses He is simply speaking to you, tell them ” I AM, THAT I AM” “I AM, has sent me unto you.

The bush is still burning, so get off of your do nothing and do something that God has called you to do, the Great I AM, has spoken. 

Hello, hello, can you hear HIM NOW??????

Exodus 3.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry



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