Lord help me I don’t get paid until friday

Blessings all,

Two months ago during our corporate fast,  a friend showed me a food gift card that was given to her by a co-worker, unknowing to her co-worker, she was going through some financial difficulties and had to cut back. My friend leaned over and said to me there was something I needed but couldn’t get because I don’t get paid until friday, when she said this to me I leaned over to her and said look how God used your coworker to bless you because God gets paid everyday, Hallelujah glory to God!!

 His word states in Psalm 37:25 I have been young but now I’m old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. You see God knows what we have need of, He sent this coworker to bless my dear friend, because His word states that she or her seed would never have to beg, God is true to His promises and He promised us that He is Jehovah Jireh our provider.

Our Bible study lesson that Wednesday night was on confession and we both learned that we must confess with our mouths what we want from God and to have the belief and expectancy that He is going to give us the desires of our hearts. Yes the God we serve is rich! He has mad bank, his money is longer than Daddy Warbucks,  Steve Jobs not even close, Donald Trump can’t touch Him, Oprah Winfrey chile please, King Solomon’s money doesn’t come no way close to Gods riches, God’s got that cheddar forever and He gives to us because we are of His royal priesthood. He gives us the desires of our heart. He has mansions waiting for us, we will walk down streets of pure gold like transparent glass, the gates are pearly, jewels everywhere, crowns and robes, my God my God!

I’ve learned to put my total trust in God, when I was laid off, I would look at the bills and remind God of His promises, and I tell you, the bills were paid. I’ve got mad faith in my God, I know what He can do, I know what He has done, and I know what He will do!! He’s a do it kind of guy!!!

 Psalm 50:10 for every beast in the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. Now that’s mega bucks, Gods supply never depletes. Everything belongs to HIM, we are never in lack, all of our needs are met according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.

I am so grateful that we are of the righteous and can draw from the river of abundance and overflow. We have an ATM (Almighty, Trusty, MasterCard) in Jesus that allows us access 24/7.

I dare you that are of the righteous to swipe your card today. Don’t forget to use your PIN number 3725 (Psalm 37:25).

Open up the heavens and pour out, send Your rain Lord!

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry

3 thoughts on “Lord help me I don’t get paid until friday

  1. That’s all right!! Thank God for always sending the reassurance of His word. He shall supply all our needs and give favor with man when the bills due…:-)

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