Trimmed and burning

Blessings all, this was supposed to be sent out on friday (oops) didn’t press the send button

Thanks for the vast response on the blog posting “I don’t get paid until Friday” I love you all.

Psalm 110:105 But the word of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

On yesterday I made a response to someone about keeping your lamps trimmed and burning, they wanted to know what trimming was. So let me explain the best way I know how, EXAMPLE: I love candles and I light them all over my house and I’ve learned if you don’t trim (cut the wick) to the level of the candle, it will leave smoky residue on your walls and the candle won’t burn evenly, you know how when you go to light your candle and the wick is all the way to the bottom and its hard for you to light it, you will eventually burn yourself or throw the candle out because it’s no longer any good.

Also if you buy the candles in the jar, and you don’t trim the wick, the jars becomes black, smoky and sooty and instead of burning the candle smokes. You ever walked into a room and its full of smoke?  Aaaagh can’t stand it. This is how some of our hearts have become, smoky, black and sooty we know longer are concerned about God or His people, your heart is sending out smoke signals that it is no longer pure and it has been contaminated by self will,  its all about you and your personal gain. Matthew 25:13, 10 virgins went out to meet the bridegroom and while waiting on the bridegroom they all fell asleep,and around midnight there was a shout, the bride groom had come and they all got up to meet HIM, 5 of the virgins whom are called foolish did not bring extra olive oil to burn in their lamps, so they asked the 5 wise virgins would they loaned them some oil, they replied no! So they left to go buy some oil and when they returned to the door was shut, the wedding banquet was going on without them, the 5 foolish virgins knocked on the door and said Lord, lord can we come in and he replied, to tell you the truth, I don’t know you, so therefore stay alert because you don’t know the day or the hour of my coming. The 5 foolish virgins didn’t run out of oil, they never brought any with them. So keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

Family trimming your candles in your spiritual life will allow your candle to burn longer if properly taken care of. Like praying, reading your word and fellowshipping daily, doing this keeps us in the will of God. We must be prepared at all times because we don’t know the time or the hour that Jesus will call us home, so we must keep our wicks trimmed and burning.

A candle with a nice steady flame will burn clean but if not then we’ve allowed the smoke, soot and residue of this world to consume us then we are doomed to an eternal hell, see smoke leaves an order and a film if you are a smoker you know what I’m talking about, there’s many dangers in smoke and smoking and it damages the insides of your body, for instance I can’t stand being around smoke or a smoker it triggers my asthma.

You’ve heard people say I’ve been through the fire but I don’t smell like smoke, see that’s what the eternal fire of your candle should be doing burning a sweet fragrance and lighting up the world. You won’t have to tell people that you are a Christian because your lamp is trimmed, burning and glowing.

 It only takes a spark to get a fire going

And soon all those around, Can warm up in its glowing.

That’s how it is with Gods love, once you’ve experienced it, its fresh like spring, you want to sing, you want to pass it on.

What a wondrous time is Spring, when all the trees are budding.

The birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming.

That’s how it is with Gods love, once you’ve experienced it, its fresh like spring, you want to sing, you want to pass it on.

I wish for you my friend, this happiness that I’ve found,

You can depend on Him, It matters not where you are bound.

That’s how it is with Gods love, once you’ve experience it, its fresh like spring, you want to sing, you want to pass it on.

I’ll shout it from the mountain top, I want the world to know

The Lord of life, has come to me, I want to pass it on!!


Keep your lamps trimmed and burning!

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


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