Thank You

ImageBlessing all,

I just want to say thank you to all who supports what God has called me to do. The blog and texted inspirations, your kind words, responses and comments are never over looked. Writing is not easy and my obedience to God is everything. If the blog and inspirations blesses just one person I bless God for them. I couldn’t do it without His help and the help, love and encouragement from you all.

Sometimes people are never thanked or noticed and that can sometimes be a little discouraging and disturbing, but guess what: When its done to the glory of God He notices and He get the glory! And that’s what matters.

Thank you all again for allowing me to give you your weekly dosage of Vitamin F (Father) Vitamin S (Son) and Vitamin H (Holy Ghost).

Luke 22:19 &20 And He took bread and gave thanks, and brake it and gave unto them saying “This is MY BODY which is give for you: “This do in remembrance of ME. Likewise also the cup after supper saying “This cup is the New Testament in MY BLOOD, which is shed for you.

Forever His Servant,

Standing on the Pulpit of Faith

Robin A. Curry


One thought on “Thank You

  1. You are welcome!!! Continue on to do the work of the Lord in the joyful spirit you have in doing it!

    God bless,
    J. Baldwin

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