Half of a year, Missing you still James E. Ford!!

Blessings all,

So many deaths have transpired, some have been expected and some have been unexpected but death has come announced or unannounced. Either way it goes we must be ready, for we do not know the time or the hour, we just need to have our earthly bodies and hearts right with the Lord ready to transition to glory. I am not ready to leave this earth but I do know if God calls my name, I will enter in to my heavenly home with a leap of joy and no hesitation, although I love my husband, children, grands, sisters, brothers and friends, it’s a done deal when my name is called, see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya (lol).

Today marks a half of a year that Mr. James Edward Ford transitioned from this earth to his heavenly home, its ironic that the month is March, I truly believed he marched right on in with no hesitation, smiling, joking and talking a mile a minute, he is the kind of guy that would say to God some of these people are not supposed to be here, did you call me to help You kick them out (lol)?

Mr. Ford was such a jokester, I miss his humor, his smile, his smart Aleck remarks, his love for his family and mine, his love for the word of God, his love of singing, his love of watching Creflo Dollar, our walks our talks, our prayers, his knowledge and wisdom and his love of fried fish and orange sodas.

A half of a year has passed right before my eyes, I miss Mr. Ford as though it was September 23, 2011 I thank God I am getting closer to my healing, yes I cry when something reminds me of him, but they are tears of missing him and it gets me closer to my healing, I wouldn’t want Mr. Ford to come back for nothing in this world that would be very selfish and anyhow he’s too happy, he’s probably singing I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now, I’ve come too far to turn around!!!!

James E. Ford was a family man, he took care of his family with his hands he was a master tiler and he worked diligently providing for his family, until his sickness, Mr. Ford went through his sickness like a good soldier, he fought a great fight and when he couldn’t fight anymore, he succumbed into the safe arms of Jesus, Mr. Ford didn’t suffer, he was always one for no-nonsense, I thank God that He allowed me the time that I had with Mr. Ford and I will relish, enjoy and bask in the ambiance of knowing a true man of God forever.

If anybody ask you, where I’m going, where I’m going soon!

I’m going up a yonder, I’m going up a yonder, I’m going up a yonder to be with my Lord!


Proverbs 31:23  Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the Land!!

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry


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