What is your name???

Blessings all,

I would like to share something with you that many people don’t think of or don’t think that it is true, but trust me it is.

My Friends name is Ebony Ward and she lives in Bronx NY posted this, She says For the true church: there are witches who have been sent to taint the Spirit of God. You have people who are suppose to be interceding and warring in the spirit but aren’t seeing them. These witches have many faces. They can be the kindest people but have hidden motives, listen to them talk, God will cause them to slip up and expose themselves. The people you’ve put on post are not doing their jobs…if you notice people getting sick all of a sudden, it’s not physical it’s a demonic attack..Be aware of what is going on in your churches.  Where are the prayer warrior, watchmen and intercessors? Witches have grown enough their time is up.

Wow wow wow!! Thanks Ebony Ward, you sent confirmation and reaffirmation, if I may add People of God the wheat and the chaff all grow together let’s call on the consuming fire of the Holy Ghost to show us who has been sent and whose on assignment to steal, kill and destroy. See we take demons lightly dismissing them flippantly, people are dying suddenly, it’s time to clean house. Demons and witches do not wish to leave and they surely are not going to come to you to be delivered and healed, let’s look at the story below for clarity.

 Mark 5:1-13 when Jesus got off the ship in Gadarenes He was immediately met with an unclean spirit a man who lived in the tombs that no man could bind him not even with chains and fetters (shackles) he would break them into pieces and no man could tame (subdue) him, this man would be in the mountains and the tombs night and day crying, and cutting himself with stones, but when He saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshiped Him. And he cried with a loud voice, and said, what have I to do with Thee, Jesus, (see demons will try to show out, loud talk you and put on a show, because they are not ready to leave, see this demon knew it had to go and he calls himself questioning Jesus on why he had come early, Jesus does not have to tell anyone when He is coming, just know that when He does come it’s time to go) Thou son of the Most High God; I implore Thee by God, that Thou torment me not(see demons want to torment, but they don’t want to be tormented), Jesus simply said come out of the man, thou unclean spirit, (Jesus spoke in authority because He is authority) Jesus asked the spirit “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?” and he answered saying my name is Legion for we are many (Jesus knew that it wasn’t just one demon in the man), the devils besought Jesus saying send us into the swine the we may enter into them (see demons think that they are slick they still wanted to consume something so that they could live) Jesus allowed them to enter into the swine but the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea (about two thousand of them) and drowned.

We can’t play patty cake with a demon they are deadly serious and on a mission and do not care whom they devour, we need to be fasting and  praying, we need to be on one accord, we shouldn’t just allow anything to come against us or our place of worship, homes, jobs, hospital rooms, class rooms and etc, Jesus said He gave us authority to tread upon scorpions and serpents, He also said that we would do greater works!! Family do not be deceived witches are real and we must deal with them!!

People of God we need eyes in the realm of the spirit. Demons it’s a wrap you’ve got to go in the name of Jesus Christ

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry



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