Are your windows tinted??

Can you tell me what’s going on in everybody house?  Do you know everybody’s business and share it with others? Do you have diarrhea of the mouth?

But when it comes to your home you’ve tinted your windows or  hung up vertical blinds so that no one knows your business. When it comes to your business your mouth is constipated.

Whats that about? Why do people do this? Are you one those people? Do you know someone like this?

Many have tinted the windows in their cars to keep the sun out, I don’t have tinted window so I want the Son to shine in! Because when the Son shines in your heart you will not go around telling everyone’s business or smearing or scandalizing people’s name.

Remember that we will have to account for every idle word that we speak, Matthew 12:36.



Robin A.Curry


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