Let her alone! Let my people go!

Blessings all,

When you touch God’s people (accusing, lying, setting them up, discrediting them and etc) God will vindicate. Our jobs are to pray for our accuser and love them unconditionally.

Mark 14:3-6, the woman with the alabaster box didn’t care about the expense of the oil or what comments were madder about her, she just knew she had to make her way to Jesus, the indignant begin to talk about her. Now lets pay close attention to what Jesus said, “Let her alone” (my Lord) Jesus meant what He said. He¬† saying y’all better not say another word about her and you better leave her alone, when Jesus said this it was a command!

Pharaoh was told to “Let my people go” and he wouldn’t so God sent plagues, blood, frogs, gnats, flies, boils, animals, hail, locust, darkness and death, Pharoah’s son was one of the deaths and Pharoah still refuse to let the people go.

When a command was made by God and Jesus it’s serious, if you think you can handle a beat down from God keep talking about folks and mistreating Gods people.

I’m telling you, you better Let God’s people go. You have been warned!!!

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry


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