Spiritual Tsunami’s

Blessings all,

Do you know that some of us are having spiritual tsunami’s, earthquakes floods, tornadoes, twisters, funnel clouds, hail, fires, thunder and ice storms, tropical depressions and hurricanes in our lives. You may think you’re going through something but think about your neighbors some of them have it worse off than you (my Lord).

Remember God puts no more on us than we can bear! Note that there is always calm before the storm, the whistle blows giving us warning that all hell is getting ready to break loose, we as Christians should remain unmovable, we must learn to totally depend on the Lord. Instead of “stinking thinking” think positive. Stop stressing, stop going crazy, stop freaking out, stop having the dreads, stop listening to the enemy, stop it, stop it, stop it!!!

The blood, the word, worship and prayer releases the blessings and power of God.

Allow the floods of God to flow in your lives.Instead of praying against the storm begin to bless God and go through your spiritual tsunami.


Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


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