Is there a wolf in you?

Blessings all,

You ever looked at someone and you think wow He or She is really serving God but as you look a little closer you see a perpetrating spirit!  A wolf in sheep clothing? You ever seen someone in the mall and you say there goes Mary and you are waving and smiling and the person you thought was Mary is looking at you saying do I know you? Then you have to apologize because it wasn’t Mary the woman closely resembled Mary. That’s how perpetrators are they look exactly like what you think they should be, let’s read on.

See perpetrators know how to play church but can easily revert back to their old selves. The dictionary describes perpetrators as occurring repeatedly and frequently, endless and uninterrupted somethings your are committed to, to continue or to keep happening. They wear many different disguises, and are master of deception. Are you a wolf in sheep clothing?

Remember  the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”?  She said to the wolf your voice sounds funny, the wolf said I have a touch of a cold, then she said what big ears you have, the wolf said the better to hear you with my dear, then Red riding Hood said what big eyes you have and the wolf said the better to see you with my dear, no little Red Riding Hood knew the wolf was not her grandmother, she begin to shake as she asked this question grandma what big teeth you have the wolf said the better to eat you with my dear and begin to chase her around the room, the moral of this story is Red Riding Hood knew this was a wolf why didn’t you? Can you believe the deception of the wolf?  See we can learn from children, they ask many questions we just take people for what they say.

Are you a wolf in sheep clothing?Are you a perpetrator? Wolves run in packs, the Alpha wolf is leads the pack, an Alpha wolf believe it or not is usually a female she can fight with the best of them and has much strength, wolves mark their territory by urinating, the omega wolf is the last on the pack, they usually treat this wolf the worse, the omega wolf is the weakest link, wolves can live in any climate.

We can also have wolves in our churches, they are very adaptable, a wolf can enter into our church congregations and quickly become an integral part of work, they can come in without being noticed, they quickly gain power, they like to be highly positioned and authority conscious, they insist on sitting in high places and demand recognition the wolf has a very strong personality and it is the Pastor job to protect the sheep from wolves, wolves take control at the most opportune times, they fit in where needed, most Pastors are happy to put them in authority because they are happy to have someone so competent. If there is one wolf in the church believe me there is another, there are three types of wolves in a church a ravenous wolf, evening wolves and grievous wolves (Hab 1:8 & Zep 3:3.)

The good news is that God allows wolves in the church to manifest leaders. True leaders manifest when you have to deal with a wolf.  People who you thought were strong may turn out to be subordinated wolves, God uses wolves to weed out falsehood, others who you thought were weak and insignificant will turn out to be stronger than you thought.

Believe me you can only perpetrate for so long and eventually the real you comes out. Look closely is there a wolf in you?  Aaaawooooo!!

Be genuine don’t perpetrate.

James 1:8  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry



Special thanks to Pastor Michael Martin on the information about wolves.

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