Blessings all,

Some of us have pest control problems in the body of Christ, you know those pesky ANTS “AUTOMATIC NEGATIVE THOUGHT SYNDROME”, it doesn’t matte what is said you’re always negative?  Does anything good ever come out of your mouth? Why do we do this? Is it something learned from childhood? Why are you so unhappy?

Sometimes we just want to share something without always receiving negative feedback. We like being acknowledged and loved without criticism.

For those of you that always have something negative to say and never see the good in anything, try this open up your mouth and say something positive to someone today, come on you can do it.  Aaaahhhh, don’t that feel better?

Continue to practice this, practice makes perfect and practicing makes it a habit!

Devotional reading John 4:1-11.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


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