Are you an enabler??

Blessings all,

I’ve been watching this show call “INTERVENTION”, it’s about people with addictions, most of them want to stop doing drugs or whatever has them bound, they just need someone to assist them during their intervention. Then on another note you have those who use their addictions to trap and make family members feel indebted to them, feel sorry for them or cater to their addictions, some of our family members are still addicted and do nothing with their lives because of “US” we are their enablers.

Why do we make excuses for those who have been addicted or abused? We must stop enabling and allowing them to use their past to keep us bound to them. See misery loves company. Stop saying well you know they act this way because of what they have been through and they are just like that,  yes they have been hurt and they have been through a lot but we must STOP IT!

A mother birds, kicks her little one out of the nest he or she either falls to the ground or flies off, if they fall to the ground they are not ready but trust me the mother bird continues to push them out of the nest, she refuses to allow her child to be dependent upon her and when her little one finally fly off they do not return to their parent, they fly off and make it in this world.

How can a young man or woman know how to make it in this world if we never allow them to try, I’m not saying never help them, but what I am saying is don’t enable them. Nothing beats a failure except a try.

Stop saying people are not just like that, no that are not just like that, we are just too afraid to tell them the truth. Many people have changed without an INTERVENTION and many have been free due to “DIVINE INTERVENTION”.  Matt 10:37 he who loves his son or daughter more than Me isn’t worthy of Me.

Refuse to be an “ENABLER”, come on enough already, it’s time for the victims to become victorious. Trust me if you died today those who you are enabling will make it.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


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