Blessings all,

Guess what? God didn’t move you did!

He told you in Psalm 46:10 to be still and know that He is God.

So why is it that you didn’t obey and believe Him?

On last friday evening I was scheduled for a stand up MRI, well as I am put into this contraption, strapped in and given the instructions to sit very still and not move, I was like ok I can do this, I was going to have a series of four imaging that would take from 6 to 14 minutes, alright we start the test, the first two went smoothly I did excellent with no moving but by time the third test rolled around I started itching, twitching, my knee was hurting, my back, my legs and my ankles and I was very hot so I moved, oh oh,  oh boy in comes the technician to say Mrs. Curry the test had lots of movement and disturbance on it and you’re going to have to take the test over, I wanted to say lady you sit in this contraption without moving, but I kept my mouth closed respecting her position, because she was not the one that moved, I was. She went on to explain that the Dr. needed imaging with no movement so that he could determine what was going on in my body,  So I scratched my itches, rubbed my aches, stretched and was strapped up again, only this time I passed the test by not moving, what a lessson to learn for not moving.

People of God would you have to take the test over again?  Come on get it together.

There is no excuse for moving before time, God was ready to bless you and you moved! Now don’t blame anyone except yourself. Sit down, listen, follow instructions and be still.


Forever His Servant,

Robin A.Curry

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