Don’t get upset if you’re not invited to the Party, God will send for you to shut the party down!

Blessings all,

Daniel 5 King Belshazzar was full of pride and sin, he didn’t have God on his mind, for he worshiped gods of silver, gold, brass, iron and wood instead of worshiping the true and living God, the king threw a big  party and invited about one thousand of his friends and people in the kingdom,  the King was having so much fun and he was getting so drunk he asked for the gold and silver goblets that his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar had brought from the temples and where the blood of the lamb was offered as a sacrificed, the king knew better than this but he had no regard for God or the things of God, so the king and his friends drank from the goblets when all of a sudden, a fingers of a man’s hand appeared and begin to write on the wall  “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsian”.

Wait a minute I don’t know about you but if a hand starts writing on the wall anywhere I am at, believe me I would say my God! God has shown up in this place! Speak Lord for you have my attention and I will listen, hear and do what you say! Let’s look at what the king does and what happens.

Immediately the kings face changed from happy and joyous to pale, his knees knocked and his feet gave away, then the king cries out to the wise men go get the soothsayer and the astrologers and said if anyone can tell me the interpretation of these words I will reward them. Let’s stop for a moment, the king considered himself to be a know it all but he didn’t know what the writing on the wall said, then he has wise men with him but none of them knew what the writing on the wall says! Then he sends for  the soothsayers  and astrologers and they come and they don’t know what the writing says either.

How do you surround yourself with people who are powerless?

How do you surround yourself with people who can’t read the writing on the wall?

How do you surround yourself with people who are not spiritual?

How do you connect with people who have no connection?

Often times we are not successful because is because of the people we surround ourselves with!

Now the king was really shocked and fearful because no one around him could interpret the writing on the wall. Just then the queen came into the party and said  O king, live for ever, let not thy thoughts trouble thee,  nor let they countenance be changed, for there is a man in your kingdom that has the spirit of the Holy God in him, he has an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding and interprets dreams and any hard sayings and his name is Daniel and he wasn’t invited to the party.

When Daniel comes in the king remembers him and asked him aren’t you the Daniel of the children of captivity in Judah and the Daniel who my grandfather  brought out Jewry?  Yes, I’ve heard of you and the spirit of God that is in you and the understanding and excellent wisdom that is found in you. The king tells Daniel that he brought all of these wise men, astrologers before me and no one knows what the writing on the wall says and if you would tell me I will clothe you with scarlet, put a chain of gold around your neck and make you the third ruler in the kingdom. So if the king knew all of this about Daniel why wasn’t he  invited to the party? Let’s continue, Daniel said to the king let they gifts be to thyself and they rewards to another yet I will read the writing and tell you the interpretation!

MENE God hath number they kingdom and finished it.

TEKEL Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

UPHARSIAN (PERES) thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

After the interpretation the king only commanded for Daniel to be clothed with scarlet, a chain of gold around his neck and a proclamation that Daniel be third ruler in the kingdom.

The king didn’t have anything to say concerning his judgment for he knew that God had spoken just as he had spoken to Nebuchadnezzar his grandfather, it was too late, the king took the party to another level and God had to send Daniel to shut the party down! And later on that night the king was slain and died.

So people don’t shun others because they may be different or because they have an anointing on their lives that you may be trying to stifle and hinder, God has people in place to help us not to harm us.


Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry





One thought on “Don’t get upset if you’re not invited to the Party, God will send for you to shut the party down!

  1. Yep, that hand writing on the wall thing would shake me awake for sure. However, some people don’t know Divine Intervention when they see it. Sometimes we have to be in a precarious position to see or in desperate straits to see. This, to me, is sad. You really made me think. Sandy

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