Let’s stop righting wrong!

Blessings all,


You can right wrong, but you can’t wrong right, people we’ve got to stop justifying wrong. I use to justify and make excuses for my husband when he was rude or belligerent, I had to stop because I was just as guilty as he was for making excuses when I realized that I would miss “HEAVEN” because of my choice.

I finally got up the nerve to speak to my Minister husband on the matter, I was honest and direct and I said to him, listen up your are rude and you have no regard for others feelings, it’s your way or no way, you snap at people, shut them down when they try to explain, walk away or just say something really mean,  you are not a nice person at all and you all very difficult to talk too, you are intimidating and you make people feel as though they are the crust on the bottom of your shoes, you should carry a camcorder around so you can record yourself and at the end of the day watch it and see for yourself what others see & trust me they will not see Jesus in you that you say you have, and today I put my foot down and I will no longer make excuses for your behavior, I will not be apart of anything that is not Holy.

He listened to what I had to say and at first he was defensive and giving me many excuses as to why he was like he was, his father walked out on his mother and etc. I just flat-out let him know if you say that you are a new creature in Christ then old things are passed away and behold all things are new, there should be no residue of the old you. I told him to talk to God about it forgive his father and learn from his experiences he said he would, later on he said that he prayed about it and asked God to help him with his shortcomings.

This was May 27, 2011 when I confronted my husband and today I can say that he is free from the ugliness that was eating him alive. So family examine yourselves today and ask yourself a few questions.

How do I treat and talk to others when no one is around?

How do I treat others less fortunate than yourself?

Are you truly walking with God?

Can someone say to you that you are a Christian by your actions?

Are people surprised to find out that you profess to be a Christian?


Some of you are doing the same thing that I was doing and it has you in bondage along with the person, you can be free today if you would stop trying to justify wrong! You must not have anything to do with wrong! Let’s tell the truth and shame the devil.

Devotional reading for the day, Ephesians 4:32


Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry



One thought on “Let’s stop righting wrong!

  1. Women of God thank you for posting this cause this has been going on in my family, I thank and praise the lord for deliverance. Lord I thank you for your woman servant, I love you sis and keep doing what the lord will have you to do. Prophetess Lisa Powell….Love ya..

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