Thee Anointing!

Blessings all,

You ever been around someone and as soon as you see them or they say something, you get goosebumps, something inside of you jumps, your heart skips a beat? When you see or hear this person you just want to be in their presence because you know whatever comes out of their mouth is going to be awesome and profound! It’s like you’ve seen a celebrity or better yet JESUS HIMSELF! They are just phenomenal that way!

Do you know what that is?  It’s Thee Anointing of GOD on that person’s life. Remember when Elisabeth and Mary were pregnant? As soon as Elisabeth came in contact with Mary her baby leaped inside of her stomach (John the Baptist was praising Jesus in the womb) Thee Anointed One was on the scene and HE made a difference, how beautiful that must have been! How powerful it is to be in the presence of Thee Anointed One Jesus the Christ!

You see John the Baptist was the forerunner and he also was anointed, anointed people are very humble, they don’t take credit, they’re low-key, they tell you and give you what thus said the Lord, they don’t add or take anything from the Word, they don’t hang with others, they’re separated but yet connected and have many followers, they make an impact on GOD, His Kingdom and His people and others always want to be in the presence because of their anointing. If you are one of GOD’S anointed you are truly blessed stick with GOD because HE will truly stick with you!

It’s thee anointing that destroys the yoke and in His presence is the fullness of joy! Isaiah 10:27 & Psalm 16:11.

My my my how great is our GOD!


Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry



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