True Friendship!

Blessings all,

True friendship involves relationship, yes we all need someone to share our deepest secrets with and not worry about it being on the internet, church or job and family. Failing to be trustworthy can destroy a friendship in a flash. In true friendship there’s no backbiting, negative thoughts, no revealing secrets, no singling anyone out, no partiality, no bullying and no turning away, no whispering or gossiping.

1 Samuel 20, Johnathan and David cared for each other, David was running for his life from Johnathan’s dad King Saul, Johnathan knew David was innocent and Johnathan helped David escape when his father was trying to kill him, for he truly lovedĀ  David.

Remember Peter? He said he would follow Jesus but what happened when he was recognized as being a friend of Jesus? Peter was afraid for his life, he denies even knowing Jesus and started cussing. Jesus looked over at Peter and said I knew you would deny me!

How many people have we denied? How many people have we lied on? How many people have we set up? How many people have we talked about cheated or betrayed? Guess what? We forgive you just like Jesus forgave Peter and Judas.


Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


3 thoughts on “True Friendship!

  1. Hebrews 13:16 says to “do good and share with those in need.” As I have gotten older, I have grown into the knowledge that everyone is in need, therefore we need to offer ourselves and our friendship to all who will accept. I thank you for this timely reminder as I begin a new Bible study with single mothers who are young and have little experience with church or God. I pray that I will be effective in my ministry and that God will give me eyes to see the needs of those in front of me. Sandy

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