Blessings all,

My my my! As my husband and I were riding down the street God dropped the words “too much” in my spirit! BOOM I was immediately convicted and I immediately repented, I was so ashamed that I had been apart of “too much”.

We as Christians tend to talk too much, share too much, know too much, gossip too much, too much hypocrisy, we see too much, hear too much, we conquer and divide, we are too cruel, we are too cliquesh we whisper too much, we lie too much, we connive too much, set too many traps, we compromise too much, we sugar coat Gods Word too much, we tend to hang around people who only seek to harm us or keep us from our destination.

See if we are busy hiding what we have done it leaves us vulnerable to anyone who finds out our secrets. It grieved my spirit and I know it grieved the Holy Spirit soooo I will no longer have any parts of “too much”, today I can share with you that I am free from “too much” I had a funeral for “too much”, I am at a new point in my life, I am so humble and grateful to God.

Continue to pray my strength in the Lord that I may not ever fail HIM!


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry


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