Check your house!

Blessings all,

When you are a real man and woman of God you won’t allow your family to come out of the house dressed any kind of way. I don’t care what everyone else is doing, real men and women of God don’t and won’t allow their families to hang around people who don’t want anything, there are certain places you shouldn’t allow your family to dwell, we should want better because we are people of excellence, we have a responsibility to do the right thing how can we draw others when we can’t even control our own household, I believe some of us are afraid to say things to our children can I get a witness?

Now if someone says something out of the way to your child you will get mad but you allowed them to dress this way, so why are you mad, you bought the clothes! Come on I can’ hear you!

I remember growing up if my daddy wouldn’t allow us to hang around people, he cared about his family. He was being the father that God called him to be. When my brother had a friend that was using drugs and going to jail, my father immediately severed the ties of that friendship, when I had a friend who got pregnant when we were 13 I was no longer allowed to call or associate with her, it hurt me and it hurt her, but guess what I didn’t have a baby while I was in school or a teenager, my brother didn’t go to jail or do drugs as a teenager!

The bible tells us to come amongst from people and be seperate 2 Corinthians 6:17, read it for yourself!


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry


Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


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