Don’t you dare talk about God’s appointed and anointed!

Blessings all,

Devotional reading Numbers 12:1-16.

Family don’t speak against people that God is using. God looks at the heart of whom He chooses, God called Aaron, Miriam and Moses to a meeting they didn’t know what God wanted but they knew it was important so they all showed up and God spoke and he asked them Aaron and Miriam, weren’t you afraid to speak against my servant Moses? Because I heard you talking about him.

You may be wondering where is she going with this? Does God have to call you into a meeting for you to stop talking about God’s chosen. Take note God punished the woman first (ummm), God made Miriam a leper white as snow,  I personally don’t think we can handle the wrath of God.

Just because a person may not look like much to you, don’t mean God didn’t choose them, just because a person doesn’t socialize with you and your crew, don’t mean God didn’t call them out, just because people don’t dance to the beat of your music don’t mean that they are not set apart by God.

1 Chronicles 16:22 and Pslams 105:15 touch not thine anointed and do thy prophets no harm! God said it twice so He truly meant for us not to do this EVER!

Be careful who you touch with your mind and thoughts!

Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry

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