Deep Silence!

Blessings all,

There is probably no deeper silence than the silence that follows the loss of someone you love!

This statement made most of  you think didn’t it?

To all you who has had a love one that has transitioned, let me share with you some of the things I miss and I think you  will agree.

We ache to hear your voice or even receive a text, smell your breath, your cologne, your perfume, feel your touch, see your smile, to be embrace with your hugs and warms kisses, we miss fixing your your favorite meals, reading the bible to you, worshiping God, kissing us in the morning and at night, bringing flowers to our jobs, going to our favorite restaurants, we miss your words of wisdom, watching your favorite movie or sports, we long to see your shoes at the front door, for you to caress our skin, snuggle up next to us, hear you call me daughter, tell me you love me, for your to pick me up from work or vice versa, put my head in your lap and for you to tell me everything is going to be alright, smell and taste the coffee you fixed every morning, the toast, the bacon, the eggs, the grits, the collard greens, the cornbread, the macaroni and cheese, the fried fish, chocolate cakes, sweet potato pies, barbecue ribs, fried chicken, the list goes on, we miss you planning family events and all of your take charge ways,we miss visiting you in the hospitals, nursing homes, we miss grocery and clothes shopping, we even miss the stinking cigarettes and cigars some of you may have smoked, your demise has changed and affected our lives in ways that can’t be explained, it hurts that you’ve missed birthdays, graduations, births of children and grandchildren, weddings, ordinations,  and many other honorary occasions but we know that God didn’t make a mistake.
We miss you, Willie and Gertrude Houser (my parents), Ida Houser (my adopted mother), Jack & Channie Houser & Bill and Yonnie Adams (grand parents), Johnita Latay Andrews, Evelyn Adams, Rutha Mae Houser, Leila Kelley, Carrie Smith, Carrie Redding, Cover & Lucille Redding, James E. Ford, Lamont Herring, Jimmie Henderson, Ezra Davis, Kai’ Lee Hamilton, Mamie Poole, Gladys White, Samuel & Mary Carr, Don Mackey, Mother Sade, Mother Dorothy Russ, Patrick Williams, Joel Botbol, Aruthur Botts, James Brown Sr., Lonzie Moorer, Kenneth Green, Sharon Grandison, Joyce Hill, Mother Marie Burks, Cynthia Thomas, Randy Dexter, Nathaniel Brown, Eddie Ruth Houser, Jack Houser Jr. Beauford Houser, Beauford Bullard, Miguel Fulcher, Clara Belle Boone, Robey Cornelius, Booker Wright and Jackie. But God missed you all most!

For we shall cry but we are not crying as there is no hope for we know that there is hope with Jesus Christ.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry




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