She once was lost but now she’s Found!

Blessings all,

Have you ever lost something and you couldn’t find it no matter where you looked?

But how many of you know that prayer changes things?

On Tuesday night I went on the prayer line (mind you that this is not our usual night for prayer the day is Thursday), my cousin was on my face book page and asked me for the number so that she could join in, I gave her the number and for some reason the number was not working, well the facilitator sent me a message to direct the callers to another number, I didn’t know why the number wasn’t working but I just felt in my spirit something great was going to happen.

The enemy truly didn’t want us on the line, but how many of you know that the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much? Well we finally got on the line and prayer was awesome.

See what the enemy thought he had done for harm God was turning around for our good. I received a message from my cousin to say that her sister was missing she had disappeared and they had nothing to go on, oh my how horrible!  I immediately begin to pray for my lost cousin, her children, her father (my uncle) and her siblings. I said Lord now my cousin was on the prayer line and she didn’t say anything she didn’t lead on that anything was wrong, my Lord how could she be so quiet and not say anything?  God let me know that what you do in secret He will reward you openly. She did what she was supposed to do call upon the Elders and have them to pray! Great was her reward!!!

So I alerted the facilitator of the Community Prayer Line of my cousins disappearance and I know she went into prayer! God is so awesome!

Well to make a long story short, my cousin was found safe and sound on yesterday, it has been seven days that she had been missing, God brought her home on His day of rest (remember GOD created the earth in 6 days on rested on the 7th day). HE may not come when you want HIM but HE’LL be there right on time I tell you HE’S an on time GOD yes HE is! Not many people who are missing are found alive and well, but look at what God did because of the faithfulness of her sister, I want to personally thank Fay Sanders Nelson for being obedient to GOD and holding on to her faith in her time of hurt and pain and not knowing where her sister was, but she trusted in God to call into the Community Prayer line.

I don’t know all the details as to where she was found or where had she been, that is irrelevant to me, I just give GOD praise that she was lost and now she is found.

So I say to you all this morning if you have lost anything or anyone I urge you to take it to the Lord in prayer and put it totally in HIS hands. HE will work it out! There is nothing too hard for GOD!

I tell you on this Community Prayer Line God hears and He answers the prayers of HIS righteous people. Please join us on Thursdays at 9pm, call 218-936-1100 code 3621.


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry



2 thoughts on “She once was lost but now she’s Found!

  1. Wow!!! I’m so glad she was found. You are right, the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Praise be to God!!!!

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