Friend Test!

Blessings all,

Let’s do the friend test oh oh.

1. Do you and your friends compliment each other?

2. Are you a confidant?

3. Have you and your friends grown together in a good way?
4.  Can you be trusted to be there for your friend.

5. Do you know they your friend is going through something without them tell you?

6. If your friend loses a job or need shelter do you do all that you can for them?

7. Do you bless your friends?

8. Do you respect, protect and cover your friend in prayer?

9. Are you loyal to your friends?

10.Are you still the friend you were when you first met? Are you better or worse?

11. Do you allow others to bad mouth your friend?

12. Do you visit or call your friend when they are sick or in need?

13. Do you make sure they are included on vacations, dinners or outings?

14. Do you support you friend in good times and in bad times.

If you did not answer yes to all of these questions, then you are not a true friend, you are what you call a fair weather friend you are there only when the going is good or what you can get from a person.

Devotional Reading: 1 Samuel 20:17 And Jonathan caused David to swear again, because he loved him; for he love him as he love his own soul.

Prayer: Father God, help us to be great friends and give us the agape love they we need to continue to be friends to our friends in Jesus name, Amen.


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry


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