Kingdom Business

Blessings all, it’s ya girl Robin hollering at ya on the for real.

Let’s not forget Kingdom business is Kingdom business and ministry is real so don’t forget Whose you are! Whom you represent! And who you work for!

Stay focused, be a witness and a light, we must win souls for Christ! Don’t take everything to heart let it go! Things that have happenedd this week were they “Confirmation” or Coincidental”? 

See storms, attacks, trials, tests and tribulations come to make you strong.

So dig in deep and ride the wave, you may not know how to swim and it may look as though you are drowing, that’s when Jesus in all His splendor will rebuke the winds just for you and you will float on shore to safety. Now stand up, catch your breath, breathe slowly, stop shaking, spit the water out of your mouth, cough, wipe your mouth, dry yourself off, change into some dry clothes, warm yourself, make your favorite hot beverage, sniff it, sip it, let the tast and the aroma settle your spirit, aahh that’s good, grab your Bible, hold on wait a minute I hear something…..Minstry is calling will You answer?

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


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