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Church Hurt

Blessing all, I just want to tell you all there there is not hurt like a church hurt, I know this because I have been through one and I never ever want to go through that again. I thank God when I joined New Church of Faith that I  had to share  with my Bishop, David S. Beacham Jr. about my hurt.

See I only wanted to come to church and hear the word, I didn’t want to get involved in anything i was safe sitting on the pews and not wanting to know anything about anyone so with that being said don’t be trying to get to know me because it was a Pastor who had hurt and wounded me. When I was led to talk to my Bishop about this he quietly said to me Robin hurt people can’t help people. When he said this I immediately felt the release of the pressure, anger, unforgiveness and wanting beat those who had harmed me behinds (can I be honest?)


I was ticked off y’all. But today I am free so I encourage you today people whatever it is let it go before bitterness, resentment and hatred sets in. You’re slowly damaging yourself for holding onto to these things, by not coming to church, by reliving what was done to you, thinking about how could God allow those who had wronged you to not be exposed. How could leaders be so corrupt but preach for us to live and be right. 

God where are You?  Let it go people let it go. 

Remember hurt people can’t help people.

Forever His Servant,

Robin Curry



Knock knock. Wh…

Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s Jesus will you open up your heart and let me in? Knock knock. Who is it? It’s Jesus will you please unlock the door so that I can come in? Knock knock who is it? It’s Jesus, the door is still locked. Hold on a minute Jesus I think I lost the key.

That’s how it is with some of us we have been in sin so long that we’ve lost the key. Find your key or burst the door out so that Jesus can come in and set your free.

Blessings and Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry