Scar Tissue

Blessings all,

Many of us have some deep wounds and  scarring is part of the healing process.  But many of us have scar tissue which is the result of deep injury, see scar tissue is not as flexible as regular skin, scar tissue affects your organs, muscles and connective tissues causing us to not be able to function and have movement like we use too,  scar tissue can also form when there has been trauma to your body it leave scars in the form of keloid skin, this is where a scar is raised up on your skin and non cancerous this keloid is visible for others to see the your trauma on the outside of your body.

What I am saying is many of us don’t bounce back from pain, hurt, gossip, ridicule, low self esteem, sickness, betrayal, death, infidelity, abuse (sexual, mental or spiritual) a church hurt, family or friends hurt or  any kind of injury just like that, you see the process is much longer and it is a natural part of your healing process.

My suggestion to you is to llow God to perform spiritual surgery on you so that you can heal of your internal and external scar tissue and be made whole again in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28).


Forever in His Service,


Robin A. Curry


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