1 John 1:8

Blessing all,

1 John 1:8 reads: if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us!

Search your hearts today for sins you haven’t encountered (refused) nor repented of, don’t allow yourself or the enemy to fool you that you don’t need to confess and repent. God deep in prayer and ask God to reveal all of your sins to you, often times our prayers are hindered because of unconfessed sins. Confron your sins and get right with God, time is running out Jesus is soon to come.

It’s the little things that we’ve done or we are doing that will make us miss heaven.

Stop what you are doing now and apologize to those you’ve hurt or may you haven’t hurt them but you feel the need to apologize, stop lying, cheating, stealing, committing adultery, fornicationg, setting traps, digging ditches, seeking glory for yourself, stop acting as though you’ve never sinned, stop acting superior, stop deceiving, bullying, mocking, playing mind games, giving preferential treatment to the wrong people, stop ostracizing, being mean, rude, gossipping, being slick and snooty, it’s your way or no way at all.

Let it go and move on because we can only worship God in Spirit and in Truth, do not deceive yourself!!!!!

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry



Blessings all,

There are many jobs that describes a “Closer”, one who closes on houses, one who opens and closes doors for you, one who closes unsolved, cold or hard cases, a funeral director examines your deceased body to make it looks suitable for viewing and at your funeral a family member or someone close to you closes your casket say a final goodbye.

But the ultimate “CLOSER” is Jesus Christ and He determines whether or not you enter hell or heaven, what a “CLOSER” He is. See Jesus was and is the only person that has ever survived a closed casket and heavily gaurded funeral. Buddha, Mohummed, Dagon and other idol gods can not ever rise from the dead.

This “CLOSER” Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again with eteranl life and all power, He is the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, Alpha and Omega, the Messiah, the Lily of the valley, the bright and morning star, Jehovah Jireh, the Fairest of ten thousand, Lord, miracle worker, healer, Savior, King of Kings, Anointed One, the encourager, the wheel in the middle of the wheel, he is blessed and Holy, The great I AM, the good Shepherd, The Risen Savior, El Shalom, El Shaddai, Savior of the world, the way maker, the mountain mover, the Light of the World, The All Powerful One, The Almighty, The Magnificent, A wonder to my soul, He’s spectacular, the Promise Keeper, Hosanna, Jesus is the ultimate “Closer”.

Hallelujah give Him praise where ever your are, come on Lift Him up, you can do better than that raise your voice, lift your hands, bow before Him, shout before Him, praise Him in the song and dance, praise Him in your heavenly your tongues, Let Him know that He is worthy to be praised because death and the grave had no power over Him the “CLOSER” lives for ever and ever more!!!!

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


Blessings all,

Remember the story of Elijah and Jezebel? Elijah had just won a victory with many priest and when Ahab to Jezebel she got angry and declared that she was going to kill Elijah and sent a messenger to tell him, well when Elijah heard this he took off running!

How do you go from boldness to fear?

Listen to me never ever ever panic in the face of your opponent, I don’t care how big and bad they look you better not fear, waver, stammer, stutter or shake in your boots and you sure enough better not run, the God that gave you the victory has equipped you so that you can take your opponent down and out with no problems.

Study your opponent and learn their weaknesses and use it to your advantage, when a snake trainer learns about snakes he goes into the pit of snakes and grabs one around the neck and squeezes the poison right of him.

Stop running right now, speak the word of God, stand flat footed and dare the enemy to try you, I’ve said this a few times, kick his door in and let him know who he’s messing with this will shock him and take him off of his game and he’ll be looking at you saying now that’s a fool right there!  The bible states that the race is not given to the swift or to the strong (Ecclesiastes 9:11), Hello somebody my name is “Endurance” and I can’t lose with the Jesus I use, He is the anihalator and when He steps in everything that is not right has to go!

Devotional reading 1 Kings 19:1-2.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry



Blessing all,

A few weeks ago a young man that we loved dearly transitioned to heaven, His name was Robey Cornelius, he was of island decent, he married with children, he loved to eat, he loved people, music, he loved to talk and he love GOD with all of his heart, his death was shocking to his family and our church.

Robey’s name dropped into my spirit and this is what I received, Readily Obey.

We must “Readily Obey” God regardless of what has transpired. We must “Readily Obey” God because obedience brings blessings, we must “Readily Obey” God because it is commanded!

Today His family is still involved with church activities and are faithfully attending church services they are “Readily Obeying” the call of Jesus Christ. Robey’s legacy lives on so please Readily Obey as God commands you too!

Devotional Reading: Genesis 27:8 Now therefore, my son, obey my voice according to that which I command thee!

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry

Walk with your spouse and not behind them!

Blessings all,

Genesis 19:26 but Lot’s wife looked behind her and she turned into a pillar of salt.

Wow, just like that Lot’s wife was stuck, see this is what happens when we don’t obey God. The angels of God  had to take ahold of Lot and his family and literally bring them out of the city and gave strict instructions to not look back because if they did there would be consequences, there is always consequences for our disobedience.

Why was not Lot’s wife walking with him?  Why was she the only one disobedient? Did her daughters see their mother turn into a pillar of Salt? If so they continued walking, many time God has to make an example out of someone in order to get your attention.Why didn’t they say anything?  Lot did not know his wife was gone until he reached their destination!

If you’re walking with your husband that means you’re one. This is what’s wrong with some women today, they don’t want to allow their husbands to lead. They think they are so independent as to where they don’t need to listen to their husbands, they’ve allowed others to speak into their minds about their marriages and so forth and the information you have been given is inacurate.  God has given strict instructions on marriage and we must follow them to the letter in order for our marriages to be successful, I am not saying that we won’t go through some rough patches, I am just saying if we follow the complete instructions of God we will be victorious. God said that it is not fit for man to be alone, so women He created you especially for man, so stop shucking and jiving and walk with your husband.

Women we need to repent today because of how we have neglected to do what we need to do for our spouses, we should be doing all that we can for our marriages. Our children, parents and friends do not come before our husbands. We must cook and keep our homes clean, we must have our children settled when our spouses come home, especially if you are a stay at home mom, if not then you should proceed accordingly, the house and children should should not be in disarray. In some instances the man likes to cook and that is fine and well but if he does this then you should clean up, iron and whatever else to keep you house in order. I am not telling you to be a slave, I am telling you to take care of business. Make yourself desirable, make yourself available, never be too tired for intimacy. Walk with your spouse and not behind them!

Let’s remember many of our spouses are not Christians so please don’t spend more time at church than you do with your spouse, please don’t cook for the church and have not fixed anything for your spouse, please don’t call others and talk about your spouse, don’t down your spouse, don’t compare them with others. And if your spouse has an idea and it doesn’t seem right to you pray pray pray and pray some more.  We’re trying to draw our spouses to God not away from Him. Take everything in your marriage to the throne room, God is concerned about us and wants us to be happy, He said that He will not with hold no good thing from us.

This is what happened to Lot’s wife, her heart and mind was in Sodom, she loved her family, friends and stuff but she loved the sin in the city more than she did God. Lot’s wife just couldn’t let go and this caused her to be stuck!

Always look ahead and don’t look back, walk with your spouse and not behind them.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry

Deep Silence!

Blessings all,

There is probably no deeper silence than the silence that follows the loss of someone you love!

This statement made most of  you think didn’t it?

To all you who has had a love one that has transitioned, let me share with you some of the things I miss and I think you  will agree.

We ache to hear your voice or even receive a text, smell your breath, your cologne, your perfume, feel your touch, see your smile, to be embrace with your hugs and warms kisses, we miss fixing your your favorite meals, reading the bible to you, worshiping God, kissing us in the morning and at night, bringing flowers to our jobs, going to our favorite restaurants, we miss your words of wisdom, watching your favorite movie or sports, we long to see your shoes at the front door, for you to caress our skin, snuggle up next to us, hear you call me daughter, tell me you love me, for your to pick me up from work or vice versa, put my head in your lap and for you to tell me everything is going to be alright, smell and taste the coffee you fixed every morning, the toast, the bacon, the eggs, the grits, the collard greens, the cornbread, the macaroni and cheese, the fried fish, chocolate cakes, sweet potato pies, barbecue ribs, fried chicken, the list goes on, we miss you planning family events and all of your take charge ways,we miss visiting you in the hospitals, nursing homes, we miss grocery and clothes shopping, we even miss the stinking cigarettes and cigars some of you may have smoked, your demise has changed and affected our lives in ways that can’t be explained, it hurts that you’ve missed birthdays, graduations, births of children and grandchildren, weddings, ordinations,  and many other honorary occasions but we know that God didn’t make a mistake.
We miss you, Willie and Gertrude Houser (my parents), Ida Houser (my adopted mother), Jack & Channie Houser & Bill and Yonnie Adams (grand parents), Johnita Latay Andrews, Evelyn Adams, Rutha Mae Houser, Leila Kelley, Carrie Smith, Carrie Redding, Cover & Lucille Redding, James E. Ford, Lamont Herring, Jimmie Henderson, Ezra Davis, Kai’ Lee Hamilton, Mamie Poole, Gladys White, Samuel & Mary Carr, Don Mackey, Mother Sade, Mother Dorothy Russ, Patrick Williams, Joel Botbol, Aruthur Botts, James Brown Sr., Lonzie Moorer, Kenneth Green, Sharon Grandison, Joyce Hill, Mother Marie Burks, Cynthia Thomas, Randy Dexter, Nathaniel Brown, Eddie Ruth Houser, Jack Houser Jr. Beauford Houser, Beauford Bullard, Miguel Fulcher, Clara Belle Boone, Robey Cornelius, Booker Wright and Jackie. But God missed you all most!

For we shall cry but we are not crying as there is no hope for we know that there is hope with Jesus Christ.

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry



Partiality and Favoritism

Blessings all,

I may step on some toes, but so what, to God be the glory. Yesterday the Lord spoke to me and said partiality and favoritism is either done secretly or out loud.

The bible declares that if you are doing this then your are not a believer and the bible don’t lie. I find it hard to believe that God chooses the same people over and over and never anyone new to do things in the house of God, if that was true then that would make God a partial God (am I right about it?)

It’s not about who we like or don’t lie,  we are never to make anyone feel unwelcome or of little value, we are not to treat people like they are nothing or insignificant. God is not a respecter of persons. So let’s sugar-coating sin and our actions, stop apologizing for your lies and why you do what you do.

It was said that partiality and favoritism makes us hypocrites, it’s a disgraceful attitude, it dishonors, humiliates, shames, disgraces and insults the poor and lowly person and far most it’s not of God.

Who are you behind the mask you are wearing? Why are assassinating people by singling them out or not allowing them to participate in kingdom business? There are many people on fire for the Lord but if you never use them the fire goes out, they stop coming to church because they have not been or accepted or rejected by so called believers, they go back in the world or go to other churches seeking love and attention, these people are incomplete and they go about searching for acceptance in all the wrong places and when this happens remember that the blood is on our hands because we ran them away with our partiality and our favoritism.

Stop acting spiritual because you are not, stop hugging and kissing people because you don’t mean it, your kisses are cold and callous. Stop hurting people, stop it stop it stop it!!!!!

The Holy Spirit makes a difference and we wouldn’t show partiality and favoritism if we had the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is love sweet love!

What if God could show partiality or favoritism how many of us would be chosen to do anything for Him? Do we truly know the severity of showing partiality and favoritism?

If we have done this or are doing this we can be free and cleansed today, ask God to forgive you and never do this again. Jesus knows who we are and what we are He knows what’s in your heart. Here’s here today to restore you confess and allow Him to do it today! Allow God to use you in who you need to use, stop leaning to your own understanding, acknowledge God and He shall direct your path! Amen.

Job 13:10 He will surely rebuke you, If you secretly show partiality. (Christian life Bible)

Galatians 2:But from those who seemed to be something-whatever they were, it makes no difference to me; God show personal favoritism to no man-for those who seemed to e something added nothing to me. (Christian life Bible)


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry