Blessings all,

There are many jobs that describes a “Closer”, one who closes on houses, one who opens and closes doors for you, one who closes unsolved, cold or hard cases, a funeral director examines your deceased body to make it looks suitable for viewing and at your funeral a family member or someone close to you closes your casket say a final goodbye.

But the ultimate “CLOSER” is Jesus Christ and He determines whether or not you enter hell or heaven, what a “CLOSER” He is. See Jesus was and is the only person that has ever survived a closed casket and heavily gaurded funeral. Buddha, Mohummed, Dagon and other idol gods can not ever rise from the dead.

This “CLOSER” Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again with eteranl life and all power, He is the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, Alpha and Omega, the Messiah, the Lily of the valley, the bright and morning star, Jehovah Jireh, the Fairest of ten thousand, Lord, miracle worker, healer, Savior, King of Kings, Anointed One, the encourager, the wheel in the middle of the wheel, he is blessed and Holy, The great I AM, the good Shepherd, The Risen Savior, El Shalom, El Shaddai, Savior of the world, the way maker, the mountain mover, the Light of the World, The All Powerful One, The Almighty, The Magnificent, A wonder to my soul, He’s spectacular, the Promise Keeper, Hosanna, Jesus is the ultimate “Closer”.

Hallelujah give Him praise where ever your are, come on Lift Him up, you can do better than that raise your voice, lift your hands, bow before Him, shout before Him, praise Him in the song and dance, praise Him in your heavenly your tongues, Let Him know that He is worthy to be praised because death and the grave had no power over Him the “CLOSER” lives for ever and ever more!!!!

Forever His Servant,

Robin A. Curry


Partiality and Favoritism

Blessings all,

I may step on some toes, but so what, to God be the glory. Yesterday the Lord spoke to me and said partiality and favoritism is either done secretly or out loud.

The bible declares that if you are doing this then your are not a believer and the bible don’t lie. I find it hard to believe that God chooses the same people over and over and never anyone new to do things in the house of God, if that was true then that would make God a partial God (am I right about it?)

It’s not about who we like or don’t lie,  we are never to make anyone feel unwelcome or of little value, we are not to treat people like they are nothing or insignificant. God is not a respecter of persons. So let’s sugar-coating sin and our actions, stop apologizing for your lies and why you do what you do.

It was said that partiality and favoritism makes us hypocrites, it’s a disgraceful attitude, it dishonors, humiliates, shames, disgraces and insults the poor and lowly person and far most it’s not of God.

Who are you behind the mask you are wearing? Why are assassinating people by singling them out or not allowing them to participate in kingdom business? There are many people on fire for the Lord but if you never use them the fire goes out, they stop coming to church because they have not been or accepted or rejected by so called believers, they go back in the world or go to other churches seeking love and attention, these people are incomplete and they go about searching for acceptance in all the wrong places and when this happens remember that the blood is on our hands because we ran them away with our partiality and our favoritism.

Stop acting spiritual because you are not, stop hugging and kissing people because you don’t mean it, your kisses are cold and callous. Stop hurting people, stop it stop it stop it!!!!!

The Holy Spirit makes a difference and we wouldn’t show partiality and favoritism if we had the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is love sweet love!

What if God could show partiality or favoritism how many of us would be chosen to do anything for Him? Do we truly know the severity of showing partiality and favoritism?

If we have done this or are doing this we can be free and cleansed today, ask God to forgive you and never do this again. Jesus knows who we are and what we are He knows what’s in your heart. Here’s here today to restore you confess and allow Him to do it today! Allow God to use you in who you need to use, stop leaning to your own understanding, acknowledge God and He shall direct your path! Amen.

Job 13:10 He will surely rebuke you, If you secretly show partiality. (Christian life Bible)

Galatians 2:But from those who seemed to be something-whatever they were, it makes no difference to me; God show personal favoritism to no man-for those who seemed to e something added nothing to me. (Christian life Bible)


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry





Blessings all,

My my my! As my husband and I were riding down the street God dropped the words “too much” in my spirit! BOOM I was immediately convicted and I immediately repented, I was so ashamed that I had been apart of “too much”.

We as Christians tend to talk too much, share too much, know too much, gossip too much, too much hypocrisy, we see too much, hear too much, we conquer and divide, we are too cruel, we are too cliquesh we whisper too much, we lie too much, we connive too much, set too many traps, we compromise too much, we sugar coat Gods Word too much, we tend to hang around people who only seek to harm us or keep us from our destination.

See if we are busy hiding what we have done it leaves us vulnerable to anyone who finds out our secrets. It grieved my spirit and I know it grieved the Holy Spirit soooo I will no longer have any parts of “too much”, today I can share with you that I am free from “too much” I had a funeral for “too much”, I am at a new point in my life, I am so humble and grateful to God.

Continue to pray my strength in the Lord that I may not ever fail HIM!


Forever His Servant

Robin A. Curry


True Friendship!

Blessings all,

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Devotion reading for the day Esther 7:1-11.





Wake up!!

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How Great is our God?

Blessings all and Happy New Year!

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